Donnelly Great Loop Adventure 2017

SV Serenity



Weather and a perfect sailing day (3/19/18)

So what makes a perfect sailing day?  We find one on the way to Hatchet Bay. Continue reading “Weather and a perfect sailing day (3/19/18)”

Governor’s Harbor. Show me the money! (3/18/18)

Rock Sound was great; next stop:  Governor’s Harbor! Continue reading “Governor’s Harbor. Show me the money! (3/18/18)”

Leaving Georgetown (3/14/18)

We are just over two months in the Bahamas and one month on our visa to go. We are coming up on our fourth week in Elizabeth Harbor and have just said good bye to our second visitor (happy trails Grandpa Chuck!). We are want to see Eleuthera and the Abacos. And it appears that today is a good day to travel. So buh-bye Georgetown.

Continue reading “Leaving Georgetown (3/14/18)”

A perfect day (2/6/18)

We have had bad days, good days and great days. More bad at the beginning and then trending up. And as time went on we got some more good. Then mostly good with a sprinkling of great. Then predominantly great. Today was perfect. A gem. The reason we quit our jobs and left. A day that makes every other part of this journey worth it. It was great weather. It was the best sailing we have had EVER. It was the joy of being on the water, working together and moving along to whatever and wherever is next.

So how did this shake out? Continue reading “A perfect day (2/6/18)”

We lose our minds: Another night sail and Great Harbour Cay (1/12/18-1/13/18)

The day dawns and Lucky and I walk out onto the dock and watch sailboats head out early to get a start on their trip to the east. We take the short walk to the beach. He is off leash and alternating between eating rotten seafood and vomiting while I walk through the gorgeous blue water and white sand. Back to the boat for breakfast and Jan and I decide to change our plans. Continue reading “We lose our minds: Another night sail and Great Harbour Cay (1/12/18-1/13/18)”

We find a unicorn: Crossing to the Bahamas (1/10/18-1/11/18)

We finally leave Marathon and make a 22 hour trip across the gulf stream to Bimini, Bahamas.

Start: Boot Key Mooring field, Marathon, FL, 0745
End: Blue Water Marina, Bimini, Bahamas, 0644
Total Distance: 125.1 nm
Time: 22:58
Average Speed: 5.4 kts Continue reading “We find a unicorn: Crossing to the Bahamas (1/10/18-1/11/18)”

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