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A perfect day (2/6/18)

We have had bad days, good days and great days. More bad at the beginning and then trending up. And as time went on we got some more good. Then mostly good with a sprinkling of great. Then predominantly great. Today was perfect. A gem. The reason we quit our jobs and left. A day that makes every other part of this journey worth it. It was great weather. It was the best sailing we have had EVER. It was the joy of being on the water, working together and moving along to whatever and wherever is next.

So how did this shake out? Continue reading “A perfect day (2/6/18)”

Oh Bahamas, where have you been our entire lives? Cambridge Cay (2/3/18-2/5/18)

I gotta say, this place is just about magic.

Yes. The wind blows incessantly. The waves slap against our boat and the current whips us around our anchor. And the salt water irritates the crack of my rear end. But oh my lord, this is gorgeous. Why have we not been here before now?

Better late than never. Continue reading “Oh Bahamas, where have you been our entire lives? Cambridge Cay (2/3/18-2/5/18)”

Sharks, children and other dangerous things. Warderick Wells (2/1/17-2/2/17)

Our time in Highbourne Cay has come to an end and it is time to continue our journey south. While we don’t know precisely where we will ultimately stop and turn back to the North to the US of A, today we plan on heading SSE about 30 miles to Warderick Wells. And stay in the Exuma Cays Land and Sea park for awhile to hike, snorkel and take in the sights. Continue reading “Sharks, children and other dangerous things. Warderick Wells (2/1/17-2/2/17)”

Weather. We make a small mistake and sit. (1/29/18)

You may now that we are at Highbourne Cay Marina. Top of the Exumas. Waiting out some bad weather. We haven’t told you about this place yet, but wanted to give an update on where we are at and our plans. Continue reading “Weather. We make a small mistake and sit. (1/29/18)”

Flo’s Conch Bar (1/21/18)

We eat out quite a bit on this trip. Which explains our inability to get our dinghy up on plane. Normally I don’t write about individual restaurants that we visit. They are all pretty good. Some are unique. But while sitting in the Berry Islands waiting to cross to Nassau, we got to eat at what can best be described as a dive restaurant, only reachable by boat on an island a long way away from anything. Continue reading “Flo’s Conch Bar (1/21/18)”

Shark and Turtle Creek; Dinghy Humiliation. Great Harbour Cay, Bahmas (1/17/18)

One thing that is guaranteed on this trip. Whenever any of us feel like we are getting competent at any particular task, the Gods/Goddesses of irony and humility come along and smite us mightily about the heads and knock us back a step or two. Today was a small, but illustrative, example.

(And as a note–this was from last week, just publishing now)

Continue reading “Shark and Turtle Creek; Dinghy Humiliation. Great Harbour Cay, Bahmas (1/17/18)”

Curse of the Coconut and big waves change our plans (1/20/18)

We did not pick the greatest anchorage yesterday. Yes. There were seven boats by the end of the night in the same vicinity. And yes. We were out of the direct waves from off shore. But those pesky waves and the surge from the tide made an otherwise enjoyable location not good. That, and the fact that I woke with the curse of the coconut. The green apple two step. The trots. And before you read on, please note that there will be talk about defication in this post and if you are easily offended, you may want to wait until the next post.

You have been warned.

Continue reading “Curse of the Coconut and big waves change our plans (1/20/18)”

Ode to Sidney. Wait. Never mind. Not yet.(1/14/18)

Note: This post has nothing to do with sailing, the great loop or with our year of travel. It is, instead, a post about Sid, our cat. Who is 18 years old and who we didn’t think was going to make it on the trip. He has been in slow decline for a year now, but he is still with us.  Mostly, we think, to spite us. He is after all a cat.

Continue reading “Ode to Sidney. Wait. Never mind. Not yet.(1/14/18)”

We lose our minds: Another night sail and Great Harbour Cay (1/12/18-1/13/18)

The day dawns and Lucky and I walk out onto the dock and watch sailboats head out early to get a start on their trip to the east. We take the short walk to the beach. He is off leash and alternating between eating rotten seafood and vomiting while I walk through the gorgeous blue water and white sand. Back to the boat for breakfast and Jan and I decide to change our plans. Continue reading “We lose our minds: Another night sail and Great Harbour Cay (1/12/18-1/13/18)”

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