Donnelly Great Loop Adventure 2017

SV Serenity

A walk about Barcelona (7/30/19)

After our big day of museums yesterday (for the record, it was two, but you would have thought it was 1,000 the way the gallery was yelling), the decision was to minimize the museums unless they were ‘fun.’  Today we would be walking through the town seeing the highlights.

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Barcelona; we get taken for a ride and almost run out of town (7/28/19-7/29/19)

Jan:  “This is the ugliest castle we have ever seen.”

Jim:  “This isn’t a castle, it is a cathedral.”

Jan:  “This is the ugliest cathedral we have ever seen.”

A conversation between Jan (asserting that the building in front of us was an ugly castle) and me (correcting her on the ‘castle’ thingy) standing in front of the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia.  A very famous cathedral designed by architect Gaudi. And perhaps a reason for us to get run out of town.

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Cannes or Majorca. Which one is our retirement place? (7/26/19-7/27/19)

Two more stops on our trip before we get back to Barcelona, one in France and one in Spain (albeit on an island off the coast).  First is Cannes, France which is French for “Rich place by the sea.”  Second is the island of Majorca which is Spanish for “Rich place by the sea.”  Weird, right?  We have no plans other than to see both places and pretty low expectations overall.  Which is why we are surprised when Jan picks Cannes as “her place to retire.”

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Frickaseed in Florence (7/25/19)

I didn’t look at a map before we came here and that means we have a long day in a bus.  The ship stopped in Livorno (Italian for ‘port long way from anywhere’) and we are heading to Florence to look at the statue of David and find some good Tuscan food.  If I had done even a cursory google search I would have seen that it is a two hour bus ride.  Each way.  With a guide and 30 mostly gray haired people.1

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We roast in Rome (7/24/29)

We head to Rome on another scorching hot day but this time we are on our own.

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We melt in Naples (7/23/19)

Our first tour of the trip and it will set the tone for the rest of the days.  No pressure Naples.  Can you deliver?

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We cruise again! Kind of… (7/21/19-7/22/29)

Good news?  We are back on a boat!  Bad news?  It is only for a week, we aren’t in charge of where it goes, and we are joined by about 4,000 other people.  We are on a cruise ship for seven days.  We shall see if we survive.

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Onward to Spain (7/19/19-7/20/19)

We are shutting down our France part of the story; today we begin the two day journey from northwestern France to southeastern Spain.  From (not) speaking French to (not) speaking Catalonian.  It will be a combination of car, train, metro, walking and high speed train, but by the time we are done, we will be set for the next part of the trip. Continue reading “Onward to Spain (7/19/19-7/20/19)”

Oh Pornic, why are your boats in the mud? (7/18/19)

We have a free day on the schedule and decide to head west to check out the coast of France.  We got input from Anais and Celine and decide that Pornic is our destination of the day.  Why?  Because you say it like it is spelled! Continue reading “Oh Pornic, why are your boats in the mud? (7/18/19)”

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