We realized in the past year that our work was consuming instead of enabling our lives.  Our solution was to trade in our monohull sailboat on a sailing catamaran, give notice to our jobs and take a year (or two) off and head around the great loop.  It was not a decision that we arrived at in a single day, but rather an idea that grew from looking at websites and books to something that was less a dream and will soon be reality.  We are frantically closing out our work, figuring out how we are going to educate our son on the water, and getting ready to fit all our world possessions on a boat that is 36 feet long by 18 feet wide.  This Blog will capture some of the prep and then document the trip.

We left our home harbor at Herrington Harbor North in Deale, MD on 7 May 2017 and are currently someplace on the loop.