Donnelly Great Loop Adventure 2017

SV Serenity


United States

Back to ‘normal’ life (Aug/Sep/Oct)

We spent a little (very little) time planning our trip, a lot of time on the trip figuring out what the hell we were doing but exactly ZERO time actually figuring out what it would be like once we returned.  Based on what we started with, we had some idea of our ‘to do list when we got back home’:  Get a smaller house in the area that we left from so AJ could go back to his school; Get a job (Jan) or not (Jim); Get a haircut (or not); and in general, revert to life on the hard and not on the boat.  ’Normal.’ Continue reading “Back to ‘normal’ life (Aug/Sep/Oct)”


The trip recap in numbers.

S/V Serenity and crew
Boat size:  36 feet long, 18.5 feet wide, 3 foot draft (depth in water)
Boat type:  PDQ 36
Number that started the trip:  5 (Jim, Jan, AJ, Lucky the dog and Sid the cat).
Number that finished the trip:  4 (Sid decided to stay in the Bahamas) Continue reading “Numbers”

We arrive ‘home’ (6/7/18)

I have been delaying/avoiding posting that we finished because I’m in denial. If I don’t post, then we haven’t finished and the adventure can continue, all other evidence to the contrary. Continue reading “We arrive ‘home’ (6/7/18)”

Friends (5/22/18)

Good friends take your car while you leave for a year. Take all the crap out of your house when you sell it. Collect your mail and forward to you.

Great friends come spend a week with you on your trip. Rent a house. Let you use their flush toilets and run out their hot water.

The best friends have a cooler of cold beverages and a bag of snacks awaiting your return from a year away.





Waves and new waterbed. Chesapeake Bay (5/20/18-5/22/18)

We have have three days remaining on our trip and three states that we will cross. Assuming weather cooperates. Continue reading “Waves and new waterbed. Chesapeake Bay (5/20/18-5/22/18)”

Welcome back! (A special welcome back from the Chesapeake Bay) (5/21/18)

[Note: This post is a transcript of a recoding of a rant by the Chesapeake Bay. Please note that there may be some salty language that may not be suitable for some of the reading audience. Also note that the Bay is actually a body of water, and cannot actually rant. This is what we imagined he was saying as we spent our first full day back on the bay.]

You have been warned. Continue reading “Welcome back! (A special welcome back from the Chesapeake Bay) (5/21/18)”

We escape imaginary thunderstorms. And then it rains (5/15/18-5/18/18)

We leave our next home running to escape thunderstorms. Wait for days for rain and then when we next leave? It rains. Continue reading “We escape imaginary thunderstorms. And then it rains (5/15/18-5/18/18)”

Big Creek, NC and we find our next place to live (5/14/18)

After leaving Beaufort, we spend the day with friends, both new and old, and perhaps find the area where we want look at living long term! Continue reading “Big Creek, NC and we find our next place to live (5/14/18)”

Back into the ocean, Beaufort here we come. And we find another FWHOTBBNTWWU (5/12/18)

To hell with the ICW–at least for a day. We are heading into the Big Bad Atlantic for a (hopefully) short run to Beaufort. If we can get out of the fog. Continue reading “Back into the ocean, Beaufort here we come. And we find another FWHOTBBNTWWU (5/12/18)”

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