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Sheboygan (8/12 – 8/19/17) Brats, White water rafting and more

Loosely translated Sheboygan means “Land of bratwurst,” which makes it a little slice of heaven for two of the three of us. Continue reading “Sheboygan (8/12 – 8/19/17) Brats, White water rafting and more”

Biking and eating our way across Washington Island Wisconsin: Paradise (7/30/17-7/31/17)

***I apologize–I’m catching up on posts from the past that haven’t made it on the sight yet.  This is from Washington island at the end of last month.  On or our favorite places so far on the loop.***

Well the best laid plans and all.

Our original plan was to anchor one night at Washington Island and then continue our journey south. But we woke up in the morning, it was an absolutely gorgeous day and there was an island in front of us. We have been hitting home runs when it comes to islands–they have all been awesome, so we decided to see if we could find some dock space that could fit our boat. Continue reading “Biking and eating our way across Washington Island Wisconsin: Paradise (7/30/17-7/31/17)”

Beaver island: Beach day and our next home? (7/24/17)

Beaver Island has made it close to the top of the best places we have seen on the loop. Like top 2. Because today rocked! And it really, like most things, is because of the people.

Continue reading “Beaver island: Beach day and our next home? (7/24/17)”

Topaz Lake, rock jumping, swimming (7/15/17)

IMG_1692As promised from the sunset last night, the day is spectacular. When we arise, there is not a cloud in the sky and the Baie Fine, gorgeous yesterday, is spectacular. We are lazy and hang out until 10am and then hop in the dinghy and motor off to the north end of the pool where there is a dock and a trailhead that leads into the park and eventually up to a secluded blue lake called, appropriately enough, Topaz lake. Continue reading “Topaz Lake, rock jumping, swimming (7/15/17)”

What a great run and good bye to Endeavor (7/13/17)

Start: Bustard Islands, anchorage just off Pearl Island, 0705
End: Killarney Mountain Lodge Marina, 1135
Total Distance: 26.7
Time: 4:19
Average Speed: 6.2kts

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday we left Wright’s marina, got into the wind/waves and were stressed the entire way. Today we had almost the exact same conditions with slightly larger waves. And that day of sailing under our belt really helped with our confidence today. Continue reading “What a great run and good bye to Endeavor (7/13/17)”

We were “That Guy!”

Start:  Waterford visitor center free dock.   Watertford, NY.  Leave 0845.
Finish:  Schenectady Yacht Club, NY.  Arrive 1428
Total Distance:  14.6 NM
Time:  5:46
6 locks in one day.
Hailstorm on the boat.
Hailstorm drinks after hailstorm on the boat!!
Quotes of the day:
“I’m too old for this.”  Jan.  After lock #7 and before we failed to stick the landing at the yacht club.
“Yes.  And did you happen to pick up my pride?”  Jim.  To Canadian monohull in lock 2 who managed to pick up our boat hook out of the lock water and asked if it was ours.
“I’m shell shocked.”  Jan.  At 5:23pm after locks, hailstorm, loss of power and a stressful day.

Continue reading “We were “That Guy!””

Week 6 of Prep: Shakedown Cruise

We targeted 12-15 April as our shakedown cruise window.  Four solid days of getting out in the boat and putting all the systems through their paces while replicating a schedule that we would expect on the Great Loop.  Then we can see what works, what doesn’t, and have a couple of weeks to adjust in case there is something catastrophically wrong.  Four days seems like the minimum we want to have to get a good shakedown.  This fall right in AJ’s spring break, so perfect—he has the whole week off plus the Monday after.  Unfortunately I had already signed up for a marine electronics class on Sat-Tues, so we couldn’t head out earlier than Wednesday, but Jan would load up the boat and we would be ready to go out on Tuesday night after my class.  Wednesday at the latest!!

Continue reading “Week 6 of Prep: Shakedown Cruise”

Boat Open House, April 22nd

We are opening up our boat to everyone in the local area who are interested in taking a look at where we will be living for the next year.  Saturday, April 22nd from 12-4pm.  The boat is located at Herrington Harbor North in Deale MD.  The address is 389 Deale Road
Tracey’s Landing, Maryland 20779

When you turn in the entrance of the marina, follow the paved road all the way to the marina office.  You will see the rows marked on signed.  We are at Dock G which is close to the marina office.

The boat is at the end (T-head) of Dock G.  Walk all the way to the end of the dock and our boat will be the last thing you get to before you fall into the water

Apologize for the long time between posts, but we have been prepping for and now are out on our shakedown cruse.  Matter of fact, Im’ writing this as we move through the water from Herrington Harbor North to St Michaels.  Loving hot spots!!!

Week four of Prep: We Launch and we Purge

We make progress, but it seems like there is a whole bunch of work to get done and time is ticking. We are 30 days out from closing on our house and leaving on our boat and our boat just got put in the water this week! To review: Continue reading “Week four of Prep: We Launch and we Purge”

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