Donnelly Great Loop Adventure 2017

SV Serenity


Stationary Day


The trip recap in numbers.

S/V Serenity and crew
Boat size:  36 feet long, 18.5 feet wide, 3 foot draft (depth in water)
Boat type:  PDQ 36
Number that started the trip:  5 (Jim, Jan, AJ, Lucky the dog and Sid the cat).
Number that finished the trip:  4 (Sid decided to stay in the Bahamas) Continue reading “Numbers”

A tale of two islands (4/26/18-4/27/18)

We like islands; they are some of the favorite places on our trip. Over two days we got to compare/contrast two different barrier islands in Georgia. One we loved and its on the ‘places to return’ list. The other notsomuch. Continue reading “A tale of two islands (4/26/18-4/27/18)”

Running along a ditch to St. Augustine (4/17/18-4/21/18)

I’m sure there is some way to be smart on how to use the tides to our advantage. I’ve no earthly idea how it works; our day today? A slow slog northward. But our new favorite city awaits. Continue reading “Running along a ditch to St. Augustine (4/17/18-4/21/18)”

Rocket’s red glare in Titusville, FL (4/13/18-4/16/18)

I believe my description of Titusville was ‘not a throbbing metropolis.’ And it is not. But it has one HUGELY redeeming quality that very few other communities have. Proximity to a launch facility. Very cool. Continue reading “Rocket’s red glare in Titusville, FL (4/13/18-4/16/18)”

Land of Gluttony and Hedonism. Welcome back to the USofA! Ft. Pierce, FL (4/4/18-4/11/18)

Holy cow. After 84 days in the Bahamas (and that is about six months or more too few), we are back in the good ole USofA. Fort Pierce Municipal Marina is our home for a week. We have power. Unlimited water. A rental car. Good to be back. Continue reading “Land of Gluttony and Hedonism. Welcome back to the USofA! Ft. Pierce, FL (4/4/18-4/11/18)”

Hatchet Bay: The ‘most’ protected harbor in the Bahamas (3/19/18-3/22/18)

When last we left you, we had pulled into Hatchet Bay to escape from some weather. Three days we spent in the town. A tourist trap, this is not. Continue reading “Hatchet Bay: The ‘most’ protected harbor in the Bahamas (3/19/18-3/22/18)”

Black Point Settlement (Great Guana Cay) (2/8/18-2/14/18)

Black Point. Where we came for a day, and ended up spending a week! It was a fantastic town with really friendly people who appear to really like the cruising community that sits in their bay. Continue reading “Black Point Settlement (Great Guana Cay) (2/8/18-2/14/18)”

Weather. We make a small mistake and sit. (1/29/18)

You may now that we are at Highbourne Cay Marina. Top of the Exumas. Waiting out some bad weather. We haven’t told you about this place yet, but wanted to give an update on where we are at and our plans. Continue reading “Weather. We make a small mistake and sit. (1/29/18)”

Flo’s Conch Bar (1/21/18)

We eat out quite a bit on this trip. Which explains our inability to get our dinghy up on plane. Normally I don’t write about individual restaurants that we visit. They are all pretty good. Some are unique. But while sitting in the Berry Islands waiting to cross to Nassau, we got to eat at what can best be described as a dive restaurant, only reachable by boat on an island a long way away from anything. Continue reading “Flo’s Conch Bar (1/21/18)”

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