Donnelly Great Loop Adventure 2017

SV Serenity



Blew up the BOOM!

We continue on the two steps forward, one step back. Continue reading “Blew up the BOOM!”

Second week of Prep complete

The second week of work had a similar theme. Why, if we are retired, are we working this hard. The focus of this week was on the house since winter, which had been AWOL up to last week, decided to make an appearance. We got a couple inches of snow on Tuesday which was enough to get AJ out of school.

What we got done: Continue reading “Second week of Prep complete”

First Week of Work Complete

As of 12 March, our first week of underemployment is done, as is our first week of dedicated preparation for our trip. And holy cats was it an a$$ kicker. The photo shows the cumulative results of working outside on the boat for most of the week. We call it “Watching TV.” Or napping. click to wake Jan up

The First Milestone (We quit working)

We closed out the first week of March with our collective first milestone complete. Both Jan and I had our final days of work. Jan was done on Tuesday and I finished today (Friday). Some random thoughts. Continue reading “The First Milestone (We quit working)”

Where is the cat?!?

Keen observers have noticed that we have very little mention of our cat as we prepare for our adventure. We do have a cat, or rather, we have had a cat who decided to grace us with his presence over the past 17+ years. Sid. The wonder cat.

to see what happens to the cat

List of Stuff to do

We have been keeping a running list of things we need to do to get ready to head out on the trip.  They range from a (large) number of activities centered around boat prep, to giving notice for jobs, finding home schooling options and shutting down our home here in (scenic) Maryland.  Posted here to get some idea of what that looks like.  I’m sure we are missing something and we add constantly.  This list is the reason we are stopping work two months prior to departure!

Click to see the list

The Beginning

Like most things, the beginning of this adventure is not defined by a specific event or time or place. It is, rather, an awareness that we have started on a path that was initially ill defined, but now is turning into something more and will lead, we hope, to some grand adventure.

This realization came upon me in the brown, oil covered water of our marina, underneath our new (to us) catamaran. While treading water and endeavoring not to drown, I was simultaneously trying to get a cotter pin off a nut on the propeller on our starboard engine so I could determine if we had slipped a hub. I had a needle nosed pliers in hand, praying that as I jerked back on the pin, that it didn’t drop straight into the Chesapeake bay, when I realized that this was going to happen.

We are going on the Great Loop.

Sail On!!

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