Donnelly Great Loop Adventure 2017

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Mountain Biking and Sailing (9/5/19)

There are some things that sound deceptively simple but in order to get really good (and not to get hurt) requires a little training, a lot of practice and a good sense of when you are in over your head.  Sailing ticks those three blocks.  And, as I found out today, so does ‘mountain biking.’

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Our next trip begins!  (Twice delayed) (6/25/19)

Before we begin, a special shout out to Shannon from M/V Darwin who is a travel agent, does it for a living, and appears to enjoy it.  I have been playing travel agent for the past two months, arranging our trip to Europe and it suuuuuuucccccckkkkkssss.  Like big time.  And I fully expect that because of my inexperience, our trip will be filled with missed connections, lost tickets and other calamities due solely to my incompetence as a pretend travel agent.  Which is why it was no surprise that at 0610 on June 25th, I got a phone call from Amtrak telling us our train to Philly had been cancelled and would I please call so that they could arrange alternate trains for us. 

This is going to be great.

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Back to ‘normal’ life (Aug/Sep/Oct)

We spent a little (very little) time planning our trip, a lot of time on the trip figuring out what the hell we were doing but exactly ZERO time actually figuring out what it would be like once we returned.  Based on what we started with, we had some idea of our ‘to do list when we got back home’:  Get a smaller house in the area that we left from so AJ could go back to his school; Get a job (Jan) or not (Jim); Get a haircut (or not); and in general, revert to life on the hard and not on the boat.  ’Normal.’ Continue reading “Back to ‘normal’ life (Aug/Sep/Oct)”

We arrive ‘home’ (6/7/18)

I have been delaying/avoiding posting that we finished because I’m in denial. If I don’t post, then we haven’t finished and the adventure can continue, all other evidence to the contrary. Continue reading “We arrive ‘home’ (6/7/18)”

Friends (5/22/18)

Good friends take your car while you leave for a year. Take all the crap out of your house when you sell it. Collect your mail and forward to you.

Great friends come spend a week with you on your trip. Rent a house. Let you use their flush toilets and run out their hot water.

The best friends have a cooler of cold beverages and a bag of snacks awaiting your return from a year away.





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