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Lake Michigan

Biking and eating our way across Washington Island Wisconsin: Paradise (7/30/17-7/31/17)

***I apologize–I’m catching up on posts from the past that haven’t made it on the sight yet.  This is from Washington island at the end of last month.  On or our favorite places so far on the loop.***

Well the best laid plans and all.

Our original plan was to anchor one night at Washington Island and then continue our journey south. But we woke up in the morning, it was an absolutely gorgeous day and there was an island in front of us. We have been hitting home runs when it comes to islands–they have all been awesome, so we decided to see if we could find some dock space that could fit our boat. Continue reading “Biking and eating our way across Washington Island Wisconsin: Paradise (7/30/17-7/31/17)”

Forecasters suck and the heartland of Wisconsin: Kewaunee (8/5/17)

Start: Sturgeon Bay, WI 0843
End: Salmon Harbor, Kewaunee, WI, 1347
Total Distance: 27.0 nm
Time: 5:04
Average Speed: 5.3 kts

The forecast for Saturday looks good after the gale warning and the monster waves on Lake Michigan on Friday. Winds from the West at 10mph, moving to the southwest by early afternoon. West winds of any type make us happy–they will push us along nicely; we don’t want anything from the east. Chance of thunderstorms by 3:45 in Kewaunee, our destination. We should be in our new home in plenty of time. Continue reading “Forecasters suck and the heartland of Wisconsin: Kewaunee (8/5/17)”

Maintenance: Fridge, Battery Charger, Hatch O-Rings and lower unit oil change

We knew we were going to be in Manitowoc for a couple of days, so a week ago I contacted Gary, the service manager at Manitowoc Marina, to see if he could help us with some maintenance issues. We needed (in no particular order) to get our battery monitor installed, someone to look at our ever running fridge, and haul our boat out of the water so I could change the oil on the outboards engines lower unit. And while we were here, I would replace the O rings on our hatches to see if that would stop the slow leaks we had in both bedrooms. The windows directly above each bed would drip water onto our beds in bad rainstorms. It appeared to be coming from the window handles, so I ordered some O-rings which grandpa Chuck delivered. Continue reading “Maintenance: Fridge, Battery Charger, Hatch O-Rings and lower unit oil change”

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin (8/2-8/4/17): 50 degrees, Lambeau Field and Grandpa Chuck joins the show.

Start: Fish Creek, WI 0841
End: CenterPoint Marina, Sturgeon Bay, WI, 1304
Total Distance: 21.9 nm
Time: 4:23
Average Speed: 5.0 kts

Our plan was to get up early and get out and on the water to get some good weather. But we were delayed by the fact we were half way into a well, with a nice monohull behind us. So we waited until they left and then headed out into Green Bay for the run to Sturgeon Bay. Winds and waves were pushing us towards our destination. Which was good because there was plenty of both. Day was cloudy. So good day for travel; what else are we going to do? Continue reading “Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin (8/2-8/4/17): 50 degrees, Lambeau Field and Grandpa Chuck joins the show.”

We cross through Death’s Door into Wisconsin (7/29/17)

Start: Northport MI Anchorage 0517
End: Washington Island Anchorage (Detroit Island), 1636 central (1736 Eastern)
Total Distance: 71.7 nm ***(new high for our trip)
Time: 12:19 ***(new high for our trip)
Average Speed: 5.82 kts

I had a flashback to my Army days this morning. Specifically Army training and how you start with your tasks done under benign condition to make sure you know how to execute the thing you want done. Then you change the conditions to make it more challenging and to more closely reflect the conditions of combat. Once you have mastered it in the day, then do it at night. Do it when you are tired and at night. Do it when you are tired, at night, down a member of your team. You get the idea. Continue reading “We cross through Death’s Door into Wisconsin (7/29/17)”

Charlevoix to Manitou Islands. Whoops! Northport, MI (7/27/17-7/28/17)

Start: Charlevoix Municipal Marina, 0800
Turn around: 1000
Maintenance Stop: 1126: Irish Marina (10.2 miles)
Start (Part II): 1200
End: Northport MI, 1554
Total Distance: 23.6 nm
Time: 4:27
Average Speed: 5.3 kts

When we woke up on Thursday morning a nice layer of fog covered the marina. Fortunately it quickly burned off and by 8am it was a gorgeous sunny day. Winds were from the North East at 10mph, waves were forecasted for 1-2 feet pushing us along. The plan was to head 30ish miles to the Manitou Islands to anchor and explore the Sleeping Bear Dunes park. So we pushed off the dock, did a quick trip over to the fuel dock to top off and made the 0830 bridge and went out into Lake Michigan. The wind was fresh and we headed out to the red marker, turned south and put out the genoa. And when we did a wire at the bottom of the furler popped out and started waving at us from the front of the boat.

Continue reading “Charlevoix to Manitou Islands. Whoops! Northport, MI (7/27/17-7/28/17)”

Charlevoix: Mushroom homes and who knew Northern Michigan was this beautiful!!! (7/25 – 7/26/17)

Start: Beaver Island, middle of the northern part of Lake Michigan, 0650
End: Charlevoix Municipal Marina, 1215
Total Distance: 28.6 nm
Time: 5:15
Average Speed: 5.4 kts

After we got back from the beach on Monday afternoon, the crew from Miss Bailey (another looper boat) asked if we could leave early on Tuesday morning. The passageway that Miss Bailey has to transit to get out into the bay was clogged by our boat and by the Beaver Island Ferry. And the Ferry wasn’t moving. We did a quick consult and we agreed to leave at 7ish in the morning. Miss Bailey had a long day ahead of them, we had a shorter day, but the conditions tend to be better early, so no problem. Continue reading “Charlevoix: Mushroom homes and who knew Northern Michigan was this beautiful!!! (7/25 – 7/26/17)”

Beaver island: Beach day and our next home? (7/24/17)

Beaver Island has made it close to the top of the best places we have seen on the loop. Like top 2. Because today rocked! And it really, like most things, is because of the people.

Continue reading “Beaver island: Beach day and our next home? (7/24/17)”

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