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Europe by the numbers (recap of 2019 summer trip)

Well.  That was fun.  And fast.

Our summer of fun has come to an end.  The summer continues for AJ for another two weeks, but Jan returns to work today.1

We had a couple of goals when we set out planning our Europen vacation.  First was to see as many of the Au Pairs that lived with us over the past decade.  Second was to show AJ where we used to live when we were stationed in Germany and show him some of our favorite places.  And lastly to find new places and see new things.

So how did we do?

Pretty darn well. Continue reading “Europe by the numbers (recap of 2019 summer trip)”

Cannes or Majorca. Which one is our retirement place? (7/26/19-7/27/19)

Two more stops on our trip before we get back to Barcelona, one in France and one in Spain (albeit on an island off the coast).  First is Cannes, France which is French for “Rich place by the sea.”  Second is the island of Majorca which is Spanish for “Rich place by the sea.”  Weird, right?  We have no plans other than to see both places and pretty low expectations overall.  Which is why we are surprised when Jan picks Cannes as “her place to retire.”

Someone had better get to work.  And it isn’t Jimmy. Continue reading “Cannes or Majorca. Which one is our retirement place? (7/26/19-7/27/19)”

Onward to Spain (7/19/19-7/20/19)

We are shutting down our France part of the story; today we begin the two day journey from northwestern France to southeastern Spain.  From (not) speaking French to (not) speaking Catalonian.  It will be a combination of car, train, metro, walking and high speed train, but by the time we are done, we will be set for the next part of the trip. Continue reading “Onward to Spain (7/19/19-7/20/19)”

Oh Pornic, why are your boats in the mud? (7/18/19)

We have a free day on the schedule and decide to head west to check out the coast of France.  We got input from Anais and Celine and decide that Pornic is our destination of the day.  Why?  Because you say it like it is spelled! Continue reading “Oh Pornic, why are your boats in the mud? (7/18/19)”

Follow the green line in Nantes; my NEW favorite city (7/18/19)

The one and only reason we came to Nantes was to have lunch with Celine.  Even upon arrival, we have absolutely no idea what there is to do, what we will do for three days and how the heck you say the name (because it can’t be said as it is spelled).   Not to worry–Nantes has the Green Line and that is all you need to know.  Welcome to Nantes; you will enjoy your stay.

Continue reading “Follow the green line in Nantes; my NEW favorite city (7/18/19)”

Dinan ROCKS! And I suck at cooking. (7/16/19)

Tuesday seems like a good day to travel; that and our reservation expires today so we probably need to move onto someplace else.  At the end of the day we know we will be in Nantes, but how we get there remains to be determined.  While we were in Mont St. Michel we noticed a lot of signs for moulin–mussels.  We LOVE mussels and go in search of a place in which we can get some.  Quick look at the map, short discussion and we deicide to stop in Dinan.

It was an excellent decision.

Continue reading “Dinan ROCKS! And I suck at cooking. (7/16/19)”

Mont St. Michel: A tourist trap for centuries! (7/15/19)

One of the iconic images of France is the island on which sits Mont St. Michel.  Usually photographed at high tide to capture the reflection of the monastery on the water that surrounds it.  It is a short hour(ish) drive from Bayeux; we gotta see this thing.  Hope no one else has the same idea. 

Continue reading “Mont St. Michel: A tourist trap for centuries! (7/15/19)”

Born on the Bayeux: WWII, another Notre Dame Cathedral and a (really, really) big tapestry (6/14/19)

We picked Bayeux out on the map because it is close to the WWII memorials and battlefields.  And it seems like it is a pretty nice little town.  Turns out is IS a pretty nice little town and it has another in a series of cathedrals named Notre Dame.  And a warning…this blog has a spoiler for how the story on the Bayeux tapestry ends. Continue reading “Born on the Bayeux: WWII, another Notre Dame Cathedral and a (really, really) big tapestry (6/14/19)”

One word of French, a smile and a cell phone: To Bayeux (7/13/19)

Our time in Reims has come to an end and we move now from the land of champagne to the northwest of France to visit some world war II battlefields and see a really old monastery.  But first we have to get there. Continue reading “One word of French, a smile and a cell phone: To Bayeux (7/13/19)”

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