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Europe by the numbers (recap of 2019 summer trip)

Well.  That was fun.  And fast.

Our summer of fun has come to an end.  The summer continues for AJ for another two weeks, but Jan returns to work today.1

We had a couple of goals when we set out planning our Europen vacation.  First was to see as many of the Au Pairs that lived with us over the past decade.  Second was to show AJ where we used to live when we were stationed in Germany and show him some of our favorite places.  And lastly to find new places and see new things.

So how did we do?

Pretty darn well. Continue reading “Europe by the numbers (recap of 2019 summer trip)”

“Did you forget you left me, or did you just not care” Estonia (8/2/19)

Ah, Finland, we hardly knew ye.  Less than 16 hours in the fair city of Helsinki, we are leaving on a ship for Estonia.  You did nothing wrong and we (as a man once said) shall return.  Today is the opportunity to go see a country we may never be able to see again, so off on a ferry we go to Tallinn, Estonia.  Where we leave AJ.  And he complains. Continue reading ““Did you forget you left me, or did you just not care” Estonia (8/2/19)”

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