Donnelly Great Loop Adventure 2017

SV Serenity


Chesapeake Bay

We arrive ‘home’ (6/7/18)

I have been delaying/avoiding posting that we finished because I’m in denial. If I don’t post, then we haven’t finished and the adventure can continue, all other evidence to the contrary. Continue reading “We arrive ‘home’ (6/7/18)”

Friends (5/22/18)

Good friends take your car while you leave for a year. Take all the crap out of your house when you sell it. Collect your mail and forward to you.

Great friends come spend a week with you on your trip. Rent a house. Let you use their flush toilets and run out their hot water.

The best friends have a cooler of cold beverages and a bag of snacks awaiting your return from a year away.





Waves and new waterbed. Chesapeake Bay (5/20/18-5/22/18)

We have have three days remaining on our trip and three states that we will cross. Assuming weather cooperates. Continue reading “Waves and new waterbed. Chesapeake Bay (5/20/18-5/22/18)”

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