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Europe by the numbers (recap of 2019 summer trip)

Well.  That was fun.  And fast.

Our summer of fun has come to an end.  The summer continues for AJ for another two weeks, but Jan returns to work today.1

We had a couple of goals when we set out planning our Europen vacation.  First was to see as many of the Au Pairs that lived with us over the past decade.  Second was to show AJ where we used to live when we were stationed in Germany and show him some of our favorite places.  And lastly to find new places and see new things.

So how did we do?

Pretty darn well. Continue reading “Europe by the numbers (recap of 2019 summer trip)”

Canyoning. Or “We should have upped our life insurance” (7/3/19)

Our relaxing time in the Alps is turning into a series of life threatening events.  Just yesterday, Jan thought that we were about to die on the cable car on the way to the Zugspitze.  And today we are heading off to a town about 12km straight line, 50 minutes by mountain pass, south of us called Haiming.  We are going canyoning.


Jan gets a nod for the quote of the day when she said (and she wasn’t joking):  “You almost killed me today”

And Jan has a bowel misfire once again. Continue reading “Canyoning. Or “We should have upped our life insurance” (7/3/19)”

Forget the AT, we going to through hike Austria! (7/4/19)

One of the things I want to do before I die (a statement whose time seems more finite than infinite) is to through hike the Appalachian Trail (AT).  I have even gotten tentative buy-in from Jan on both the idea as well as both of us doing the trip, though with some caveats.  After our hike today in Austria, I’m thinking that we may want to postpone the AT forever and spend five months hiking the Alps here in Austria.

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The Zugspitze: We summit, we toboggan and Jan has to change her underwear (7/2/19)

We awake, wander down to our assigned table and chow on some most excellent breakfast.  We have been annoying the snot out of AJ for the past six months, telling him that one of the things we miss the most about Germany/Austria is the breakfast.  Fresh bread, sliced meat and cheese, granola/cereal and yogurt, fresh fruit.  Plus coffee, though they use really small cups which really defeats the purpose of getting large amounts of caffeine into our bodies as fast as possible.  Though it is a hardship, we manage to press through. Continue reading “The Zugspitze: We summit, we toboggan and Jan has to change her underwear (7/2/19)”

Neuschwanstein, the Alps and I ROCK the hotel! (7/1/19)

It is time to get the hell out of Munich.  Not the city’s fault that a heat wave blasted the place, but we are ready to make like a tree and leave. 

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