Donnelly Great Loop Adventure 2017

SV Serenity


After the loop

Our journey in a picture

When we got back from our trip, we spent three weeks with my dad in Minnesota.  While we were there, he asked that we meet him at 10am on Tuesday morning at his condo.  Which was weird because we were spending every DAY with him with there so why we needed to show up at a particular time was unclear.  And dad wasn’t giving any details.  So we showed up at our appointed time  and in walked a woman named Laura Pidgeon.  And in her hand was a picture she painted of our trip.

She had painted a picture for dad’s girlfriend that summarized, in pictures, the major events in her life.  Dad asked her if she would do the same thing for us and she said she would.  She then went through our blog posts1 and pulled out the major events and put them in the painting.  Which is picture you see on the post.  It is amazing and hanging in our house to remind us of our year on the boat.

1For which she deserves a reward.  Or counseling.  Or both.

Back to ‘normal’ life (Aug/Sep/Oct)

We spent a little (very little) time planning our trip, a lot of time on the trip figuring out what the hell we were doing but exactly ZERO time actually figuring out what it would be like once we returned.  Based on what we started with, we had some idea of our ‘to do list when we got back home’:  Get a smaller house in the area that we left from so AJ could go back to his school; Get a job (Jan) or not (Jim); Get a haircut (or not); and in general, revert to life on the hard and not on the boat.  ’Normal.’ Continue reading “Back to ‘normal’ life (Aug/Sep/Oct)”

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