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SV Serenity


June 2019

Dodging bikers in Berlin (6/27/19-6/28/19)

Two questions:

1.  Would our two hour nap impact our night of sleep, or would we be up all night in jet-lag hell.

2.  Would we remember any of the German we had learned while we were stationed here 15 years ago.

The answers are ‘no’ and ‘hell no!’

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Germany and it is hellishly hot (6/26/19)

When last we left you, Jan was trapped in the middle seat between AJ and myself (neither of whom have a good grasp of the concept of ‘personal’ space’), tormented by both a lack of AC and a small child screaming directly behind her.  The flight, once the AC is turned on and the mother administers a healthy dose of Benadryl to her daughter, is uneventful; we watched movies and tried (unsuccessfully) to get a little shuteye. 
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Our next trip begins!  (Twice delayed) (6/25/19)

Before we begin, a special shout out to Shannon from M/V Darwin who is a travel agent, does it for a living, and appears to enjoy it.  I have been playing travel agent for the past two months, arranging our trip to Europe and it suuuuuuucccccckkkkkssss.  Like big time.  And I fully expect that because of my inexperience, our trip will be filled with missed connections, lost tickets and other calamities due solely to my incompetence as a pretend travel agent.  Which is why it was no surprise that at 0610 on June 25th, I got a phone call from Amtrak telling us our train to Philly had been cancelled and would I please call so that they could arrange alternate trains for us. 

This is going to be great.

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