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SV Serenity


April 2018

Heading Back to the USofA (4/2/18-4/3/18)

We are on the third of our planned three day push back to the USofA. First two were short days with stops at anchorages. Last day? All day and all night back to USofA. Across the big bad Atlantic and the gulf stream. Continue reading “Heading Back to the USofA (4/2/18-4/3/18)”

Part one of our trip back to the USofA: The Boundary Waters Canoe Area (3/31/18-4/1/18)

We are officially on our way back to the states. It will take three days, the first two of which are short runs and the last will be a FULL day. Little did we know that we would be transported to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) for the first two days. Continue reading “Part one of our trip back to the USofA: The Boundary Waters Canoe Area (3/31/18-4/1/18)”

Fighting on our way to Treasure cay (3/29/18)

We live on a boat that is 36 feet by 18.5 feet. Not all of that is living space. It is small. But to us, at least by now, it is home and feels enormous. Plenty of space. But when one, two or three of the people aboard the boat are in a pissy mood, it can get really, really small, really, really quickly. Now normally the bad hair days are spread out so that if one person is having one, the other two are not and we all manage. But on the days when two or more of us wake up on the cranky side of the bed, the boat can become cramped. On the rare occasions when it is the two adults that are snappy, there isn’t enough space in the Bahamas to spread out, much less on this boat. Continue reading “Fighting on our way to Treasure cay (3/29/18)”

We don’t like Marsh Harbor. And Boat Clothes (3/29/18)

We move the whopping eight miles from Hope town to Marsh Harbor. Should have stayed where we were at. Continue reading “We don’t like Marsh Harbor. And Boat Clothes (3/29/18)”

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