Donnelly Great Loop Adventure 2017

SV Serenity


March 2018

Georgetown Week 1: (2/17/18-2/24/18)

We arrive at Georgetown, Bahamas after almost a month in the Bahamas. It is a destination of choice for many cruisers, a significant number of whom appear to be from Canada, who are escaping the winter weather up in the north. It is also a good stopping point for boats heading further south to far off destinations. There are literally hundreds of boats here and a very well defined community with a ton of activities. And, we have heard, kids. Continue reading “Georgetown Week 1: (2/17/18-2/24/18)”

Farmers Cay for a night. Rudder Cay. (2/14 – 2/15/18)

We leave Black Point after a week and begin the last leg of our trip south to Georgetown; our farthest point south of the journey unless AJ tells us we can continue on for another year. We plan on a day to Farmer’s Cay, then out into the Exuma Sound and a long day to Georgetown. Continue reading “Farmers Cay for a night. Rudder Cay. (2/14 – 2/15/18)”

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