Weeeeeeell here we go, I have caved under constant pressure from my parents and decided to write the truth rather than just rainbows and unicorns. Hold on cowboy, cus’ thing’s are  about to get ROWDY.

Here are some things I have to say before I get to the good stuff. WAIT PLEASE don’t skip this, it is important to me anyway. Okay, first, this will be one of a few blogs I will write  about the trip. Second, I am going backwards in time so I am starting in the Bahamas. Third, my parents are going to be TICKED at this. Great lets begin the Hunger games! May the odds be ever in your favor.

Now about those STUPID night crossings, I mean seriously! You expect me to sit quietly and not complain about the NUKES GOING OFF UNDERNEATH OUR BOAT. Come on, it does not help that on these trips we barely even have lunch1. Yeah, and when the wifi craps the bed you know who is in his cabin, hungry and begging for the wifi to come back? ME! Kay’ now after that crap happens I end up miserable and with my stomach suffering from FBS 2  (see my dads blog).  But wait, is that… a …. stir fry I smell. Mom was my hero that night for that incredible meal.   I stopped complaining after dinner and went to bed.  Finally, I get to waking up in the morning, not dead, but walking and seeing the sky and the shore.

Moving on to more warm but still bitter topics like  the Bahamas and more importantly nonexistent kids. Where are they? Nobody knows, but they say that they are out there somewhere so we will find them eventually3 . Other than that it is great.   School is at an all time low because we are in a sunny warm place while it is snowing up north4    .I reap the benefits of the unusual weather phenomenon that is warm weather by being able to get in the water in between classes.

When we are moving there is something weird that happens.  We have seen 10 feet of water that disguises itself as 1 foot and 1 foot disguise itself as 10 feet. We also have had conch fritters the size of my hand. Lastly, we caught a fish. YEAH a real fish, new blog on that from my dad soon, it may have been small but it was a fish in my book (his  name is Bob)5

The truth is that my parents spend more time planing these trips than enjoying them, which is sad but when they stop looking at a chart they have a great time on the trip. I feel the comeback of “Oh yeah, well if you get your face out of a screen you have lots of fun.” To this I close the blog saying the state of the boat in the Bahamas is a solid 9/10

( stick around for part two because Florida was a mess 😉 )

1 It was really hard not to use caps lock there
2 It does indeed suck to have FBS
3 Or you know, never
4 Who knew?
5 My blog was first I get to name the fish