Start 9/8/17: Chicago, IL, (Dusable Marina).
End: 10/7/17: Green Turtle Bay, Grand Rivers, KY

Major Milestones:
Finished Illinois, Mississippi and Ohio rivers. Two more to go.
Three states. Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri.
Total miles to date: 2,308.41
Total miles this month: 589.72. Moving out once again. Current on the Mississippi was fantastic! Ohio current? Not so much.
Total moving time: 128.52 hours
Average Speed: 4.6 kts. Speed is hampered by the hours of waiting at locks to get through. Average miles/Day for month: 19.65
Longest Miles in a day: 70.1 Kaskaskia Lock and Dam to Little River Diversion Canal. Mississippi current really helped.
Longest duration in a day: 12:05 Boston Bar (Mississippi) to Lock 53 (Ohio). Includes waiting for six hours to lock through.
Number of nights in marina: 19
Number of nights at lock wall/barge/anchorage: 11
Number of locks: 13
Number of locks we shared with a tow and barges: 1
Number of locks in which we floated: 3
Number of boats in lock 53 that were floating with us: 12
Number of locks and hours spent waiting for locks1:

  • On the Illinois: 8/7.2
  • On the Mississippi: 2/0.2
  • On the Ohio: 2/10
  • On the Cumberland 1/0.0

Rental Car miles: 335.
Number of uber/lyft rides: 2
Number of gallons of gas: 99.5
Number of gallons of diesel: 3.7
Fuel usage: .86 gal per hour
Number of oil changes: 1.
Number of pump outs: 2.
Number of times we ran aground: 2. On the same day. In the same place, as we tried to get into the tall timbers marina on the Illinois river. Mud is good.
Number of carp that committed suicide by throwing themselves into the side of our boat: Countless.
Number of haircuts: 1. Again Jan is keeping herself looking good. AJ and I? Notsomuch.
Number of animals on the boat at the end of the month: 2. Not counting spiders.
Number of vet visits: 1. Vet confirmed that Sid not a zombie. Though he looks like a shuffling baddie from TWD
Number of squirrels that Lucky caught: 0                                                                             Number of shirts worn this month: Jim, 5; AJ 25; Jan 352
Number of loads of laundry: 15(ish).
Number of family game nights that didn’t end in someone absolutely ticked off at another member of the family: Zero.

1: The Ohio has been voted our number one least favorite river of the trip to date.

2:  Would have been four but I spilled tomato sauce down the front of the shirt. Not that I would have changed it, but I was overruled when the shirt mysteriously disappeared after a night of sleep.