Start: Fish Creek, WI 0841
End: CenterPoint Marina, Sturgeon Bay, WI, 1304
Total Distance: 21.9 nm
Time: 4:23
Average Speed: 5.0 kts

Our plan was to get up early and get out and on the water to get some good weather. But we were delayed by the fact we were half way into a well, with a nice monohull behind us. So we waited until they left and then headed out into Green Bay for the run to Sturgeon Bay. Winds and waves were pushing us towards our destination. Which was good because there was plenty of both. Day was cloudy. So good day for travel; what else are we going to do?

Saw only four boats on the water, most of them blowing by us heading south. Pulled into the west side of Sturgeon bay and the waves calmed down. Our trusty GPS told us that we would arrive at the first of two drawbridges at 1210. That bridge opened on the half hour, so we ratcheted back the engines and took a slow ride to the bridge. We passed by a huge ship yard that was in the process of building three hulls on enormous cargo ships. Then through both draws and our next stop, CenterPoint Marina was on our left. It was also a boat yard at some point in the recent past, but was converted to a very nice marina with a bunch of 40+ foot trawlers. It would be our home for the next three days as we waited out a weather front.  Center point was the recommended stop by both harbor hosts from Sturgeon Bay; we got great information from both Jim and Peter as we were moving towards this stop and it made our stay more enjoyable.

Checked in and since it was so early, we did a lot of service and maintenance tasks on the

boat. I serviced the batteries and changed the engine oil in both outboards. Jan cleaned the inside of the boat, cleaned out both bilges and got the guest cabin emptied off all the crap we had accumulated over the past three months of travel and put is someplace on the boat. The cabin would be used by Grandpa Chuck, our first stay over visitor. We went through clothes and got rid of bags of stuff that we haven’t ever worn on the trip. And we looked for a rental car for the two days. I called Avis and they had a sweet deal–two days for $768. That isn’t a typo. Apparently there is a air show in Oshkosh and all the cars in the area are booked. I called around and found a car repair shop that had a pickup truck they could rent us for two days. Perfect!

Once done with errand, we headed out to explore downtown and get some dinner at Sonny’s pizza place.

That night about 3am, the skies opened up and the rain started. And it didn’t stop for two days. Thursday was the worst. It rained hard and long. In the morning I went to get the truck and we went to Walmart to provision food, clothes for AJ (who is growing fast) and other supplies. Two carts and $400 later we were on the way back to the boat. More cleaning and some school work for AJ. It was a much needed day of catching up with projects on the boat.

Friday apparently marked the end of summer in Wisconsin. We woke to howling winds and 51 degree temperatures. And it didn’t get much above that temperature all day long. In August. Fall has made a guest appearance. Out on the lake, there were gale warnings and wind was blowing huge waves across the lake to the Michigan side. Nothing was moving on the lake today anyway.

We were heading to Green Bay (the city) to have lunch with Pam and Randy; Pam worked with Jan at the Washington Hospital Center. And then we were going to tour Lambeau field and see the Packers hall of fame. It was an insurgency campaign–I was sneaking in my Minnesota Vikings hat and would see if we could convert at least one person to cheering for the Vikes!!

Breakfast on the boat and we hop into our trusty pickup truck and hit the road to Green Bay. We talked to Grandpa Chuck while on the way into enemy territory; he is driving from Stillwater, MN and will meet us in the afternoon to tour the stadium and then come spend a couple of days on the boat with us.

We meet Pam and Randy and have a great lunch in the shadow of Lambeau field. Then we head over to pick up hall of fame tickets that Peter (who we met on Washington Island) left for us at his office. Over to the stadium where we meet grandpa Chuck and the tour is on. We all agree, that though it was tough to listen to the Packer Propaganda, the great things the organization has does to make Lambeau and the Packers a destination and successful business were really impressive.

Drive back to the boat where we got Grandpa Chuck on board and ready for our day tomorrow. Wind was still blowing but forecast had the winds dying down and the small craft warning stopping at 1am. Plan is to continue movement on Saturday; next stop: Kewaunee!

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