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July 2017

Topaz Lake, rock jumping, swimming (7/15/17)

IMG_1692As promised from the sunset last night, the day is spectacular. When we arise, there is not a cloud in the sky and the Baie Fine, gorgeous yesterday, is spectacular. We are lazy and hang out until 10am and then hop in the dinghy and motor off to the north end of the pool where there is a dock and a trailhead that leads into the park and eventually up to a secluded blue lake called, appropriately enough, Topaz lake. Continue reading “Topaz Lake, rock jumping, swimming (7/15/17)”

This may not be heaven, but pretty sure we can see it from here (7/14/17)

Start: Killarney Mountain Lodge Marina, 0920
End: Baie Fine, East End before entering the channel to the pool. 1345
Total Distance: 21.3
Time: 4:25
Average Speed: 4.8 its

Killarney is the unofficial beginning of the Northern Channel which provides passage between killarney and Drumond Island, 138 miles to the west. It is less densely populated than the Georgian bay, there are less cottages, and more opportunities to anchor out amongst some of the oldest rocks in the world. And, of course, the opportunity to leave marks on our hull from those ancient rocks. We have loved the anchorages out in the Georgian bay and are looking forward to more desolate anchorages on this part. Continue reading “This may not be heaven, but pretty sure we can see it from here (7/14/17)”

What a great run and good bye to Endeavor (7/13/17)

Start: Bustard Islands, anchorage just off Pearl Island, 0705
End: Killarney Mountain Lodge Marina, 1135
Total Distance: 26.7
Time: 4:19
Average Speed: 6.2kts

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday we left Wright’s marina, got into the wind/waves and were stressed the entire way. Today we had almost the exact same conditions with slightly larger waves. And that day of sailing under our belt really helped with our confidence today. Continue reading “What a great run and good bye to Endeavor (7/13/17)”

Probably should have looked at that forecast a bit closer and is this really summer? (7/12/17)

Start: Wright’s Marina 0755
End: Bustard Islands, anchorage just off Pearl Island, 11:32
Total Distance: 18.3
Time: 3:32
Average Speed: 5.22 knots

Don said it best when we got to our anchorage. “Today would have been a lot more fun if we weren’t driving in our houses.”

Continue reading “Probably should have looked at that forecast a bit closer and is this really summer? (7/12/17)”

Month 2 in review (6/8/17-7/7/17)

Start: 6/8/17: Ess-Kay Boat Yard, Brewerton, NY
End: 7/7/17 Hope Island Anchorage, Georgian Bay, Ontario Canada
Number of States this month: 1 (NY)
Number of Countries: 2 (USA, Canada)
Total Distance: 331.65 Miles. Down 200 from last month, but holy crap we had a lot of rain and locks!
Time: 99.75 hours over 19 moving days (11 days stationary)
Average Speed: 3.30 mph (almost a full mile per hour slower from last month. I hate current. And not having sails).
Average Miles/Day on the loop: 11.05 miles/day (down from 19 the first month. See ‘things I hate,’ above)
Longest miles in a day: 42.3 miles, Waupoos Marina to Sandy Cove Anchorage, Ontario. And while it wasn’t the longest duration (below) it seemed the longest when our mast tried to jump into the drink.
Longest duration in day: 10:32. Hastings Lock to Peterborough Marina. Got caught in a thunderstorm at the bottom of a lock and had to wait it out.
Shortest trip: 6.4 miles. Trenton Marina to Frankfort, top of lock 8.
Number of Locks: 50 (43 on the Trent Severn Waterway, 7 on the Oswego canal).
Number of Locks that that have a mark on their walls from our anchor: I stopped counting.
Number of new racing stripes on boat due to locks and/or docks: I stopped counting.
Number of times ran aground: ZERO!! This month.
Number of dog treats for lucky at the locks on the Trent-Severn Waterway: 27.
Number of dog treats for Lucky on the Erie or Oswego Canals: ZERO. Lucky likes Canada.
Number of animals on the boat at the end of the first month: 2. Sid is still with us. And we have sent proof of life.
Days with rain: 20 out of 30.
Number of gallons of gas: 65.85
Number of gallons of diesel: 5
Fuel usage: .9 gal per hour when using both engines.
Number of oil changes: 1.
Number of pump outs: 4. Still Ick.
Number of car rentals: 3 (Bremerton, NY, Trenton, ON and Campbelford, ON)
Days that beard survived on trip: 31. Shaved in Brewerton NY because that crap itches when it is cold. Hate to feel it when hot. May come back.
Number of family selfies taken: 2. And Jan and I had to shower after each picture.
Number of selfies taken by AJ. Uncountable. Doesn’t appear to be phased by it at all.
(From a question sent to us by text): Number of times Lucky has gone to the bathroom on the boat: 0.
Number of times Sid has: Countless. Animal is a deficating machine. Not the way to work himself into our good graces.
Number of people who recognized Serenity’s true origin of her name: 2 (6/22/17 in Campbellsford, ON when mom and daughter came up to ask us about boat).
Number of times we swore we were going to turn around and head back home: 1. At the Big chute. Because that was scary.
Number of “Rapids” (French for current): 5.
Number of captains seats sucked into my arse because of speed of rapids combined with narrowness of channel: 1.
Number of people who have waived to us from their boats as we have passed by on the lakes/rivers/waterways: Everyone.

We are a sailboat again! And the prep for our next part–Georgian Bay (7/4/17-7/6/17)

***Apologies:  This is being posted late.  Obviously we have already made it out into the Georgian Bay, but I neglected to post this and one other.***

When last we left you we were finishing up the Trent Severn Waterway heading for Dutchman’s Marina where we were getting our mast put back on our boat to become a sailboat once again.

Continue reading “We are a sailboat again! And the prep for our next part–Georgian Bay (7/4/17-7/6/17)”

The joys of the camp shower and oh those mosquitoes (7/10/17)

Start: Echo Bay, deep in the Georgian bay 30,000 islands (and 100,00 rocks), 0850
End: Regatta Bay, vicinity Snug Harbor (dare you to find THAT on a map without using Mr. Google) 1238
Total Distance: 18.1 nm
Time: 3:48
Average Speed: 4.75 knots

Another night of interrupted sleep last night. It doesn’t fail. Our windows are wide open when we go to bed so we can enjoy the cooler temperatures of the nighttime. And then sometime between 1 and 2 am, the rain begins and someone (*cough cough JIM cough cough*) has to get up, close the windows of both bedrooms from the inside; close windows along the side of the boat from the inside; and close the two windows above the salon from the OUTSIDE because those screens stick like a SOB. Picture pasty white dude in boxers stumbling around on a slippery deck at 1 in the morning. That will put you off your dessert and you can thank me for that when next you step on the scale. Continue reading “The joys of the camp shower and oh those mosquitoes (7/10/17)”

How long can an outboard run without fuel? (7/9/17)

Start: Hope Island Anchorage, Ontario
End: Echo Bay, deep in the Georgian bay 30,000 islands (and 100,00 rocks)
Total Distance: 20.6 nm
Time: 5 hours
Average Speed: 4.4

“You know, we can always turn back. But I really do think that if we keep going, the conditions will only get better.”

Carve that crap into my tombstone when I die. Which will probably be sooner rather than later. Continue reading “How long can an outboard run without fuel? (7/9/17)”

We are terrified of the Big Chute and we are finished with the Trent Severn (7/4/17)

Start: Dock at top of the BIG CHUTE! 0920 (Endeavor went in first)
End: Dutchmans Martina, 1530
Total Distance: 20 nm
Time: 6:10, but two hours spent waiting for the last lock
Average Speed: 5.15 (moving)
Number of Locks: 2 (44 and 45. Though one was a train ride and the other was a long line followed by terror)

We wake early with the knowledge that our house (in the shape of a boat), which contains all that we love and all that we have in this world, is going to be taken out of its natural environment (the water), put on a train, carried over a road and down a hill and put back into water.

No stress.

Continue reading “We are terrified of the Big Chute and we are finished with the Trent Severn (7/4/17)”

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