Start: Bustard Islands, anchorage just off Pearl Island, 0705
End: Killarney Mountain Lodge Marina, 1135
Total Distance: 26.7
Time: 4:19
Average Speed: 6.2kts

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday we left Wright’s marina, got into the wind/waves and were stressed the entire way. Today we had almost the exact same conditions with slightly larger waves. And that day of sailing under our belt really helped with our confidence today.

We left Bustard Islands at 0700ish this morning. Headed east for a 27ish mile run across the Georgian Bay with a nice wind and three foot waves pushing us to Killarney. Unlike yesterday, we reefed our mainsail before we left our protected anchorage in case we decided to put up the main. When we pulled the anchor we headed down the narrow

rainbow on way to Killarney


channel known as the ‘Gun Barrel.’ An apparent reference to when there are west winds blowing, you have a long tube that shoots you in like a gun barrel. We went out with the wind and when we cleared the rocks we put up our Genoa only and rode the big waves west. The winds pushed us along at over six knots and we ended up surfing some of the bigger waves. Two thirds of the way to Killarney we turned slightly north west which put the waves on more of our beam but still not too uncomfortable.

We arrived at the Killarney Mountain Lodge Marina (and that is a mouthful) at lunch time, got set at our dock and went to explore. The lodge itself is really nice. It is a resort for people to come to for their summer vacation. They have a nice hotel, restaurant, pool, game room, spa, etc. And lucky us, some docks. We hiked two miles out to the local lighthouse, then came back for some pool time. Then an enormous dinner complete with fried fish, poutine, and hamburgers. And to bed.



We did this trip with Endeavor and this morning we were the first boat out of the anchorage, but as per usual, Don and Peg passed us. Which is why most of the pictures I have of Endeavor are like the one posted here–the back end or the side as Don flies by us. Because that is what we have seen for the entirety of our time on the Great Loop. Don and Peg can sail the crap out of their boat and even if they are behind us (by minutes, hours or days), some how they always caught us and passed us and were ready to catch our lines when we got to the next stop. Which is why is sucked this afternoon to find out that we were parting ways. Don and Peg are within 500 miles of home on a 5000 mile journey. So their plan is to head straight home as quickly as possible, and with this easterly wind, they can make some serious distance tomorrow. Our plans are to head north, get off the main channel for a couple day detour into Baie Fine. And by the time we get out, those two will be sipping beverages in Lake Superior.