IMG_1692As promised from the sunset last night, the day is spectacular. When we arise, there is not a cloud in the sky and the Baie Fine, gorgeous yesterday, is spectacular. We are lazy and hang out until 10am and then hop in the dinghy and motor off to the north end of the pool where there is a dock and a trailhead that leads into the park and eventually up to a secluded blue lake called, appropriately enough, Topaz lake.

The deal is that there is a park service dock at the trail head which you are not to tie to, but you can pull your dinghy on shore between the docks and the trees. When we went to the pool yesterday, we puttered by the dock and there were two park service boats tied to the dock and a dinghy on the side and lots of room for us to bring our dinghy to shore. When we got in this morning there were the two boats, a pontoon boat rafted next to one of the dock boats (with four people drinking adult beverages at 10am–hooah!) a dinghy and three jet skis on shore. The people on the pontoon boat told us that there was room at the front of the dock, waved us in with their glasses and we took that as permission. We tied off our dinghy, changed into our shoes, hoisted our packs and went up the hill.

DSC03110It was a muddy 30 minute hike up to the top. The trails here are marked really well with arrows pointing you in the direction that the trails goes, whether up or down (left or right). We were not alone–there was a group of seven young men packing on a through trail just ahead of us. We took the fork to Topaz lake, let Lucky off leash and went up a big hill to the crest. At the top we were looking down upon a clear blue green lake surrounded by rocks and trees. We clambered down the rocks to get to the pool. There was a group of six people in the water and they were from the pontoon. And there was a single dude with a go pro on a selfie stick filming himself jumping from the rocks (dork). We found a spot between the two groups and when the pontoon people trotted away, swam and jumped in the water. And when selfie boy filmed himself walking up hill, we went over to the bigger rocks, soaked up the sun, picked some blueberries (and ate a significant number more) and did some more rock jumping.

We stayed for about 3 hours and by the time we left there were 12-15 people lounging around the rocks and swimming in the water. Back down to the trail head. When we got back to the dock, there was a bigger boat at the t-head and dinghies pulled into the grass and woods all around the point of land. We talked to the captain of the new boat. He was from Killarney Mountain Lodge, the place we left the day before. The lodge runs a tour from Killarney to Topaz lake. Took the guy 90 minutes to get to the dock; took us almost five hours plus a dinghy ride the day before. He was hanging out at the dock until the tour group got back and so he wanted to spend some time talking to us. We learned a lot about Killarney, the mountain lodge and life on the lakes. We (finally) broke free and headed back to the boat.


Afternoon activities were cleaning the boat (Jan), fishing and napping (Jim), fishing, reading, swimming and electronics (until the battery died) (AJ).

Dinner and a killer game of Uno. The forecast is for the wind to shift around from the northwest to the northeast which will push us out of the bay tomorrow morning and off to Little Current, our next stop. There is a swinging train bridge just prior to entering Little Current that opens ever two hours at 8, 10, noon, 2, 4, 6, 8 and the original plan was to be there for the noon opening. Which would mean leaving at 7:30(ish). But we decided that 2pm arrival would be much better. We’d get to sleep in and relax in the morning. There was one dissenting vote–AJ is jonesing for wifi and internet. We have had four days of no internet to speak of. And AJ is getting a glimpse into life in the 1900s and he ain’t liking it. Our music (Pandora) doesn’t work. Our TV shows and movies (Netflix) aren’t working. His games, while working, are limited. We are stuck playing board games, cards, hiking, swimming, exercising, etc. It is fantastic. We old people are in no rush to get back to the land of wifi. We will get there soon enough.