Start: Wright’s Marina 0755
End: Bustard Islands, anchorage just off Pearl Island, 11:32
Total Distance: 18.3
Time: 3:32
Average Speed: 5.22 knots

Don said it best when we got to our anchorage. “Today would have been a lot more fun if we weren’t driving in our houses.”

The plan is a 20ish mile run east/north east to Bustard Islands to anchor. The forecast was for winds at 20mph building throughout the day with storms starting in the afternoon. Our plan took that forecast into account; we were taking advantage of the favorable winds to push us (quickly) to the islands and get set before the storms. We took off from our marina a little before 8am and the wind, as forecasted, had shifted 180 degrees from last night. It pushed us into the marina 16 hours ago and now it was pushing us back East down into the Georgian Bay. Which was perfect as we are making our turn to the East and running along the northern shore.

Which brings me to a slight digression. There is the paper information (i.e. ‘the forecast’) and then there is reality. Our plan was based on paper, and then we hit reality.

We puttered down the waterway to the entrance of the bay. We threw up both the main sail and the genoa because why the hell not? We got good wind! Turned to run with the wind and faster than you can say ‘slow down Sam’ or ‘holy crap we are going to die’ we were up close to 10 knots and running hard. Which was too much for us, so we dropped the main, kept the genoa up and moved along at a respectable 6 knots with engines off. We were sailing.

The wind speed and the boat speed were both nothing new–we had been in more winds and gone faster on the Chesapeake. What freaked us out in the morning was that we were on a new, unknown body of water; we had just gotten our mast put back up and hadn’t driven the thing hard yet; and that we were sailing around in our house. This is a recurring theme, but it makes us much more risk averse that we would be than if we were, say, running up to Annapolis for the weekend and wanted to beat our old record.

Still made it in mighty fine time, though the waves off our starboard side made the trip a tad uncomfortable for AJ who was trying to sleep. Too bad AJ….

We anchored in a lovely bay in the Bustard (not bastard) isles that was protected from the waves, and somewhat protected from the winds. And we hunkered down for the day. The weather is cold; like 50s cold with winds. And it is wet. We are wondering what kind of summers they have up here in this place called Canada. Lucky is getting the short end of the stick. His bathroom breaks are daddy taking him to the closest rock, tying off and then hurrying him up to go to the bathroom so we can get back to the boat! But all in all it is a really nice anchorage. No waves, the wind is broken by the trees and we sleep the sleep of the dead at night. Comfortable and warm in our little anchorage in the middle of nowhere.

And full disclosure. We had another dinghy incident. Where someone (moi) neglected to put the gas can in the dinghy BEFORE we left. And we ran out of gas. Again. Fortunately a very nice Canadian couple from The Black Pearl took pity on us and towed us back to our boat. I have been (rightly) fired from the job to make sure the dinghy is ready to go when we get to our destination for the day. That responsibility has been given to someone who is competent enough to get the job done right. AJ.

Boat in Wright’s Marina.  Name derived from spouse’s comment upon first seeing the boat:  “That thing is effing ugly!!”