We are in Campbellsford, Ontario for the second of three days. Arrived yesterday in the clouds, and tomorrow is supposed to rain to beat the band. Again. Today is forecast for sunny, clear skies in the morning (at least) and so we are out exploring the town. At least as far as our feet can take us.

On the agenda:

  1.  Donuts and bread from Dooher’s bakery. Open from 0730-1730, but have to be there early so you don’t miss out on the donuts.
  2. Walk to locks/suspension bridge.
  3. World’s best chocolate factory. With a name like that, gotta see it.
  4. Poutine. More on that later.

Not on the agenda but bonus activities:

  1. Lucky playing with dogs in park.
  2. Serious nappage time by the captain. Like over two hours.

The recap:

DSC03061Donuts: Fantastic. All handmade donuts; they had over a dozen varieties and a ton of them. And bread–loaves of bread And bagels. And croissants. And naan. The ladies behind the counter are no nonsense–give them your order and then get on out. Because the entire town appears to run through the bakery. AJ and I give it two thumbs up. I’d post pictures but we ate the donuts too fast.

Walk to lock and suspension bridge. Nice four mile walk total. Started at the boat, down the canal to the double lock we went through yesterday. Across the suspension bridge to park. Then back to complete the loop.

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After a couple hours of relaxing (i.e. napping), we went back out to the world’s greatest chocolate factory. It had chocolate. It was good. But then chocolate is always good.

And on the way back we stopped at a pizzeria for some appetizers. And poutine. Which we have not had until the 6/22/17 and I’m not sure how we made it that long without it.

First I had to get the pronunciation correct. Pooooteeeen. It is french fries covered in gravy with cheese on top. Our case mozzarella, but a lot of time, cheese curds. At this place (Apollos Pizzeria) they make their own gravy. The dish is potatoes fried in fat, covered in fat and sprinkled with fat. And it was AWESOME!!!! #arteriesslamshut #goodforwinterinnorthland #tenthousandcalorieappetizer.

We got to talking to the waitress; she figured out quickly that we were poutine newbies. She explained the dish and told us that there is a place in Peterborough that has over 50 types of poutine, including a vegan option. We should be there in two days after we leave and that just became a mandatory stop.

Poutine. I think I love you.

We waddled back to the boat and the other great loop boat on the dock (Mz Fullcharge–Bill and Kathy) had their border collie Wezee off leash and running around. So we got Lucky out. And he got run into the ground by Wezee. Lucky, for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, can run fast. For a 35 pound, short haired, hard headed dog. Back in the neighborhood there wasn’t a dog that he couldn’t catch. But there weren’t any border collies in our neighborhood. Wezee got herself a big stick and proceeded to run circles around the park while Lucky got farther and farther behind. The one time Lucky got close, Wezee head faked right then jumped to the left and Lucky bit so hard on the head fake, he left his jock on the ground. He slept really, really well.

The day ended with clouds moving in and rain starting about 11pm. Forecast for Friday is rain. All day. We made the call early–we are staying one more day.

Great Loop boats along the city wall.  Serenity is all the way in the back.
Old firehouse (with truck)