Start: Ess-Kay Boat Yard, Brewerton, NY. Depart: 1106
End: Bridgehouse Dock Phoenix, AZ. Arrive 1324
Total Distance: 10.4 miles
Time: 2:17 hours
Average Speed: 4.6 kts.

It is official. We are off the Erie Canal and onto the Oswego canal on our way to Lake Ontario. We left late this morning because we knew we had a short day of travel. Just over 10

AJ hams it up for the camera…

miles with a good current behind us and a strong wind ahead of us–made it in just over two hours. That included one lock on the Erie Canal. Unlike all our other locks, this one was done in the sun and it made all the difference in the world!!

Bit too much sun. It is in the low 90s and humid and it is ironic that we were complaining four days ago about the lack of sun, and today we are complaining about too much heat!!

We stopped in Phoenix, NY. Nothing like the big brother in Arizona. This Phoenix has just over 2,000 people and green trees. And all the essentials–cafe, ice cream, post office and gas station. There are a group of kids called the Bridge House Brats who meet boaters that tie up to their city docks and run errands, clean boats, walk dogs, provide just about any service you want in the summer. Including coffee in the morning and slices of homemade pie in the afternoon. Pie cooked by the ladies (and I assume at least one gentlemen) of the town. But. They aren’t around on Sunday. So we missed that treat.

We did meet a very nice lady that told us about their town, where everything is and what to see and do. And we did head off to a local eating establishment disguised as a bar to have our “Sunday is eat crap day” dinner. Quesadillas. Chicken Wings. Bang Bang Shrimp. Mmmm.IMG_2724

After arrival and before dinner, the people from three boats on the dock met on “Endeavor” (Don and Peg’s boat). There was Don/Peg, Jan, AJ and I, Larry and Bev from Canada and Dave from Beaufort, NC.

Side note. Beaufort NC is pronounced BO fort with a long O. If you are from the city in South Carolina it is beeufort. Apparently it is taboo to get them wrong.

Back to the story. Dave is a retired torturer. He calls himself a dentist, but we all know secretly he has issues. He is single handing a 40 foot trawler. And doing better than our family of five in the locks and HE IS BY HIMSELF! Bev and Larry are Canadian and are in a slight smaller trawler. They are in their 80s, have already completed the loop, but that isn’t the big deal in their life. They also circumnavigated the earth in their 50+’ sailboat, living aboard the thing for 18 years. They the aged out of it, bought the trawler and continue to travel. He is a former Canadian Air Force pilot who met Bev in France in 1956. She was teaching dependents stationed in France.

We are all heading down river tomorrow. Don/Peg and we on “Serenity” are going to sit at the edge of Lake Ontario and wait to see if the weather is good for a norther passage into Canada. If good, we go! If bad, we sit.

Tool of the day: Air Conditioner. When we bought the boat the air conditioner was in tough shape. The drain pan was rusted and the rust was also on the compressor. We had it replaced. Not an easy decision for Mr. Cheapo (me). But one benefit was that the amp draw was reduced from 18(ish) amps on startup to ~10. Which means tonight, plugged into a 15A, 120V plug, we can run the AC. And sleep really, really well.

Good night.