Start: 5/7/17: Herrington Harbor North, Tracy’s Landing, MD
End: 6/7/17 Ess-Kay Boat Yard, Brewerton, NY.
Number of States: 4 (MD, DE, NJ, NY)
Total Distance: 574.6 Miles. 30 days by boat. One good day on a motorcycle or in a car.
Time: 117.5 hours over 18 moving days (13 days stationary)
Average Speed: 4.85 mph
Average Miles/Day on the loop: 19 miles/day
Longest miles in a day: 68 miles, Cape May, NJ to Bernegat Bay NJ.
Longest duration in day: 11:10. Cape May, NJ to Bernegat Bay NJ. Close second was Delaware bay run at 10 hours and 59 minutes of hell.
Shortest trip: 6.2 miles. Schenectady NY Yacht Club to Lock 8.
Number of Locks: 22 (one on Hudson River, 21 on Erie Canal).
Number of Locks that that have a mark on their walls from our anchor: 4
Number of new racing stripes on boat due to locks and/or docks: 2
Number of poles lost over the side of the boat: 2 (both recovered).
Number of times ran aground: 1. And it doesn’t count since we drove off!!!
Number of times someone fell off the boat: 1. Jim. In a lock onto the wall. “Swift move grace.”
Number of times Jim’s pride was stripped from him, thrown on the ground and stomped on: At least once a day. This is a humbling experience!!
Number of times Lucky jumped off the boat and went tearing after something on shore: 3. Two after squirrels while at marinas and one at a lock when he wanted to check out what was going on.
Number of animals on the boat at the end of the first month: 2. Sid is still with us.
Underwear that had to be thrown out due to racing stripes after stressful situations: 4 (mostly in the canals in Erie).
Days of Sun: 3. Maybe a couple more, but not many of late.
Number of gallons of gas: 105.5
Number of gallons of diesel: 3
Fuel usage: 1/gal per hour for both engines. Or ~5mpg.
Number of oil changes: 1.
Number of pump outs: 5. Ick.
Number of meltdowns: 3. Jan and AJ had some too.
Number of times we wondered what the H-E-double hockey sticks were were doing/thinking: 5-15 depending on the person.
Number of Gigs of data we used on Verizon data plan in May: 62. Getting the most out of unlimited! And doesn’t count AT&T data plan. Or wifi. Not sure what AJ is surfing in his cabin while we are underway…
Number of car rentals: 1 (Cape May, NJ)