Start: Sylvan Beach, NY. Depart: 0630
End: Ess-Kay Boat Yard, bremerton, NY. Arrive 1030.
Total Distance: 18.7 miles
Time: 4 hours
Average Speed: 4.5 mph.

Straightforward day. Roll out of bed at 0550. Dog out to pee. Back to the boat, fire up engines and putter out onto Lake Oneida. The weather is spectacular. Not a cloud in the sky. 50s. And no wind. Lake Oneida is a large, but shallow lake, and winds can kick up waves. Given we have a 40’ long, 200+ pound stick laying above our heads, wind and IMG_1836waves are not our friends. But no worries today. We get across by 1030. Ess-Kay boat yard is our destination. We get fuel, diesel and a much needed pump out. Then Kim, the owner, asked me what our beam was. I reminder her that we are 18 and a half feet wide. She tells me to hang on a minute, heads inside and comes back five minutes later with our slip assignment. This is a small place so we walk to the dock. We are sharing a slip with a 42 foot motor yacht. There is 20 feet of free space and we are going to wedge our 18.5 foot wide boat in that space.


IMG_3837Kim gave me some tips. Watch out for the current. Come in at a 45 degree angle. Throw us your lines. There were at least five dudes and dudettes on the dock, the yacht owner and his wife on their boat and a partridge in a pear tree to witness the event. Three passes is what it took. First pass we waived off–too far from dock. Second pass, stuck the nose into the slot, but current pushed us against the dock just like the Schenectady Yacht club and I remember how poorly that went, so we backed out. Third time was the trick. Stuck nose in, lines flew through the air to waiting hand and our boat was HEAVED to the dock. In. And I went to clean out my underwear. As did Tony, owner to the boat next to us.

Since it is such a nice day, it became boat maintenance day. Engine oil was changed in both engines. Mast was tightened down. Jan cleaned the snot out of the boat and the lockers. We installed the support up front for our fuel cans. Other small tasks. Most importantly, showers for all.

And we will be sitting here awhile. Through the power of the internet, we learned that the Oswego Canal (our next portion of the trip) is closed due to heavy water flow on the canal system. Will be closed at least to the weekend. Since we can’t move, we are renting a car and heading off to Niagara Falls for a little side trip.  Probably here for three to four days.

Tool of the day: The anchors. This is really an award that should have been presented days ago. We have three anchors on the boat; two up mounted up front, one in the stern locker. This award is for the two up front, especially on the starboard side. It has been used to keep our boat off of free walls and lock sides. Making up for my shortfalls and poor visibility on that side of the boat. Not the preferred way to do business, obviously. But glad I have them there. Oh yeah. They also hod us when we anchor!