**Editor’s note:  I’m publishing this four days late.  It was written but I neglected to post.  I have the time because we are sitting at the dock in Waterport for another day waiting out the torrential rain.  We were ready to head through Erie canal lock 2 this morning at 9am when the wind kicked up, the rain poured down and we thought “Nah.  Maybe tomorrow.”  So AJ is doing his homework.  Jan is ‘teaching’ which looks a lot like ‘napping.’  Sid and Lucky are curled up by the heater keeping warm and dry.
Start: Hudson River Museum, Kingston, NY
End: Hop-O-Nose Marina, Catskill, NY
Moving Time: 5:06 hours
Distance: 20.07 NM
Average: 4.8 knots

We stayed at the Hudson River Museum docks last night and as part of our fee, we got to tour the museum. Which was either thrilling, meh, or a bore depending on your point of view (Jim, Jan and AJ respectively). We did learn that the Native American name for the Hudson was Mahicantuck, loosely translated to “river that flows two ways.” It is less river, more estuary, so the river doesn’t flow, but rather goes in and out on the tide.

Which we knew and paid some attention to as we came up the Hudson. We have waited to get the favorable current. At least until this morning. Forecast for today was for light winds gusting to 30mps and rain starting at 1100. We wanted to be in Catskills today, so we decided to leave around 7am to try and beat the rains even though we knew the tides would be against us.

And they were.

Big, slow, sucky movement north with a 1.5 knot current against us. In a boat that tops out at 5 knots, this is a rather big deal. But we made it to Catskills no problem and got into our home for a couple days, Hop-o-Nose marina on the Catskill creek. No sooner had we pulled in then the skies opened up. We docked. Then realized that our power cord wasn’t long enough bow-in first so we had to go back into the creek, turn around and re-dock. And while we were in the process, Don came along to provide a helping hand. We ran our power cord in the downpour which in hindsight wasn’t probably the best idea. Since we were soaking wet, we changed. Into our pajamas. Because if you are retired and living on a boat, it is OK to change into PJs at 1pm. Until the dudes from the marina showed up at our door and wanted us to move our boat so another boat could get in our slip. Awkward. So we moved and for the third time. Did I mention that docking sucks?

Rest of the day was spent inside. No mast coming down today. Nor sails. Nor nothing. It rained. And rained. And repeat. AJ did his schoolwork. There were tears. Home school is going really well; at this point, we think AJ will be prepared to enter the fifth grade when we return from the trip (we are teaching seventh grade). We read about the Erie canal. And relaxed.

Dinner was pasta with ham and a salad. Then watching movie. Forecast for tomorrow is rain in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon, so we are here until at least Saturday. But there are worse places to be.