Tickets to tour Culinary Institute of America: $6 each
CIA “The Young Chef Cookbook”: $23 from the gift store
AJ making us sautéed strip dinner tonight: Priceless

Today was a tour day. We picked up a rental car from Enterprise in Croton and headed up the Hudson to the Culinary Institute of America (heretofore abbreviated as CIA, and not the other one) for a tour of the school and lunch, then an afternoon tour of West Point. Then grocery store and back home to prepare for departure for tomorrow.

We hit the road at 0845 for a 1000 tour of the CIA in Hyde Park, NY. Our first impression driving on campus was ‘wow.’ Don’t know what we were thinking it would be like but it was a fantastic campus. Gorgeous stone buildings, lots of grass and set up in the mountains. Our tour guide was Thomaas. With two a’s thank you very much. Very nice young man who was finishing up his bachelors degree in something ridiculously hard. We learned that the CIA is (of course) the biggest culinary school in the world (seeing this pattern). We saw people cooking and ate lunch after the tour in their cafe. Gotta say, it was pretty good. On the way out, we did a drive by through the gift shop and AJ picked up a cook book for junior chefs. And on the way to West Point he picked out the dinner he was going to cook for us. We are a winner!

We are early for West Point so we stop and Home Depot. We should buy stock in this company. We need U bolts to drive through a 2×6 on the boat to secure the board to our stanchions to we can secure our fuel and water. We need tubing for our lives that are going to be used in the locks; they provide some additional heft so that we can loft them over (or around) the bollards in the locks. I’ve only heard of these things–not seen them in real life. And crimpers for electrical work I keep putting off.

Then to West Point for our tour there. The place is impressive, though gotta say the Naval Academy has the location nailed (Annapolis). I was hoping AJ would fall in love with the place and express his desire to go to West Point and save us the cost of a college tuition, but the only desire he expressed was for ice cream after we were done.

Since we had a car, we stopped at the grocery store to restock our cupboard and fridge. Our fridge is small. Like a dorm room fridge. And our cabinet space is tiny compared to what we had at our old house. And yet, our food bill from the grocery store was over $180! For THREE people!! Good lord.

Then back to the boat. Our tradition at the Donnelly casa when we worked was cook day on Sunday. We would make three to four dishes, put them in the fridge and then we were good for the week. We have continued that tradition on the boat as well. We are leaving a marina (i.e. unlimited power, water, creature comforts) and going to anchor out for a couple of days as we make our way up to Troy, NY and the Erie Canal. So before we leave, we make a couple of meals so that we have them in the bag when we anchor. Tonight AJ steps up and makes his fried shrimp, which were fantastic! And Jan made a saffron, chicken and rice dish in the pressure cooker. We pack everything up and are ready to head out in the morning.