The plan for the day is another trip to NYC. On the agenda is the Brooklyn Bridge, more pizza and return. Lucky and I head out early for the morning run and he gets some good squirrel chasing in–there are a TON of the fluffy tailed rodents and Lucky did his best–his effort was not lacking and I’m pretty sure he is going to sleep the rest of the day away.

Jan and AJ arise at a reasonable hour and we are out, walking to the train station with a short stop for coffee and bagels. We eat/drink our morning repast on the way to the train and make the 0945 express to NYC Grand Central. Once there we stumble around to the correct subway stop and hop off next the Brooklyn Bridge.

This trip has its origins in a NYC Christmas trip AJ and I did in 2014. I was transitioning from contractor to government and was temporarily not working. Jan had a crisis at the Washington Hospital Center. AJ was out of school. So AJ and I figured we’d head out to NYC for a long weekend in the big city. During that trip we walked from the 9/11 memorial to Chinatown and passed right by the Brooklyn Bridge. I really wanted to head across, but AJ vetoed the idea–he was hungry and I promised him lunch in Chinatown. So we went and got some horrid dim sum and ever since then I have wanted to return to cross that bridge. Today was the day.

It was a gorgeous day in the big city. 62 degrees, sunny and a nice wind blowing down the East river. We were not the only ones with the idea; the bridge was quite crowded, but the view was spectacular. We had no complaints. Once in Brooklyn we IMG_6556 2went to Grimaldi’s pizza, stood in line and scored a table that overlooked the whole pizza making process. AJ watched as the assembled our pizza, fired it and delivered it up to our table. Pizza was great; perfect fuel for the walk back.  Though I felt a bit like the python that ate the goat…

Back over the bridge and we went to Little Italy to see if we could find cannolis without chocolate chips in the filling. We were unsuccessful but did score gelato. Then subway to train to walk back to home at half moon bay.

Evening and Don and Peg over to our place along with another looper, Ken. Ken is single handedly going through the loop, but on the dark side. Power boat. But it was enjoyable in spite of that!!

Tomorrow is the Culinary Institute of America and West Point.