Lucky is nothing if not consistent. 6am he gets restless and 6:15 the yawning/whining commences as he tries to rouse me to take him for a run. Which I have learned to ignore. Today he enlisted the help of Sid (yes, he is still alive) who jumped up into our bed and began meowing and licking. Apparently his food bowl was empty and we could either fill it for him, or he would tenderize my arm and eat that for breakfast. My call.

So I’m up. Because I like my arm. Lucky and head out for a run, return and I shower. Jan and AJ are up and we head into town to reserve a rental car for Monday and get some bagels and coffee at the local bagel shop. Bagels are fantastic–little dense balls poo locker annotatedof dough that sit like a rock in our stomachs. Then back to the boat. Jan gets out the bucket and hose and commences a wash down of the deck to get rid of a weeks worth of grime. I drop down into the compartment that has our holding tank and work on the vent hose. There is some material that I pulled out of the vent that may have been clogging it and I washed the tube out to make sure it was clear. Will see how it holds up moving forward. I am becoming way to familiar with this waste system.

Lunch then we call a cab and head out to the Croton Gorge Park. The main attraction is the New Croton Dam constructed between 1892 and 1906 (if I remember the dates correctly), provides New York City part of its water supply. According to the internet, and sources in Croton, it is either the second or third largest hand-hewn structure in the world (behind the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Great Wall of China). We are beginning to see a pattern of claims to be the ‘second or third best’ behind one of the seven wonders of the world. Whether it is or not, the darn thing is impressive. We hiked from the bottom to the top, walked along the top and back down again. And our thought was that we would hike back home (3 miles) but the road had no shoulder at all that would protect us from getting knocked off the road, so cab back home.

IMG_9635 2We had a couple hours left in the day so we decided it was laundry time. Jan and I packed up our backpacks with our dirty laundry for the week and trekked the mile to the laundromat. AJ provided morale support. Once laundry was in, we walked across the street for some sushi at Samurai Sushi. Then pack up and walk back to the boat. But downhill this time, so much easier!

We ended the night by stopping by to meet and visit Ken and Linda, Great Loopers on the Independence. A HUGE (to us) 49 foot trawler. They are from Norfolk, VA and started the loop just a couple of days before we did and have been one day ahead of us for a lot of the trip. It was interesting to hear what a difference a day or two makes in the weather. For example, they went down the Delaware River the day before us and it was flat where we got beat. Their trip up from Cape May to Atlantic City was a bit rougher than ours. They are in Croton for another couple of days. We plan on moving along on Tuesday(ish).

Tomorrow another trip to NYC.