We awake on a lovely, hot, humid Friday morning. Lucky and I head out on a run to find the train station and the best way to get there. It is 1.4 miles along a scenic trail and 1.3 miles through town which isn’t so much scenic.

We get back and wakey Jan and AJ. Our plan for the day is to head to NYC on the train and head to Vezzio pizza for some thing crust pizza, then to see the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum.

While we are getting ready to get out of town we notice that our head (which is maritime for bathroom, and I have no idea why), smells to high heaven. The way it works on the boat is we have a toilet that has a pump. You use the toilet, then use the pump and everything disappears into a holding tank with is right behind out bathroom. On the same hull as Jan/my bedroom. When we first got the boat, the bathroom/head smell was quite strong and I replaced the hoses and all was good. But over the past week the smell from the head/bathroom has been, in a work, stinky. We did get a pump out yesterday which means that all our deposits were removed, but the darn thing still stinks. Which is our project for the day! Except I’m tired of projects for this day, so we close the door to the bathroom, open up all the windows and head off to NYC. I’m thinking the vent is clogged and that I can knock out tomorrow.

So we head off to the train to catch the 1145 to Grand Central Station. And we don’t have a car. So we walk.

We are falling into a pattern. We go days on the boat when we are moving where we move very little. My typical day is get up, walk three steps to the bathroom. Walk 50 total steps around the boat getting ready to depart. Then hop up into my captain’s chair and sit for 6-10 hours. I may get up and help Jan with the lines. I usually eat snacks/meals in the chair (if we are moving). I walk two steps into the cabin to work with AJ on math. But if you were to look at our step tracker (assuming we actually wore one), our steps would be fairly close to zero.

And then we get into a marina. Where we have to walk everywhere. What we need to get to in Croton (i.e. restaurants, laundry, train) is generally a 10-15 minute walk from the boat. Each way. So our step count or mileage goes from .25 to 10 miles in a day. And we have come to appreciate little things like sidewalks, especially those that don’t end suddenly for no apparent reason. And controlled crosswalks.

Train ride is good; especially interesting to see the Hudson River valley from the land and look at all the stuff we saw on the way up from the River. We disgorge at Grand Central station and have a bit of a culture shock. The three of us live in a very small space and there are exactly five living, breathing entities in the space that make any kind of noise. Our environment is relatively quiet; or at least when we are motoring, the drone of the engines becomes part of the background noise. And then we walk out into NYC. Where is it LOUD and VERY CROWDED! People appear to use the horns as a way to express their joy at being alive and all of them are extremely happy! And holy cats there are a ton of dudes and dudettes.

We head off to Vezzos Pizza for our thin crust and then to the Intrepid museum. It is 90+ degrees and humid, so the walk about it a sticky mess. On the way to the Intrepid we wander through Hell’s Kitchen and we were disappointed to not catch a glimpse of Daredevilj/Matt Murdock, Foggy, Karen Page, Jessica Jones or Kingpin. And the Hell’s Kitchen in reality looks little like the Daredevil series. Maybe because we didn’t see it at night…

The museum was good; much to like about a nuclear sub, aircraft carrier and space shuttle. Then back to the train and home. Walking back home we stopped at a little deli and got some salads and ate a quiet dinner before collapsing into bed. 12 miles on the legs made us all a bit tired!