Start: Barnegat Inlet, NJ
End: Great Kills, NY
Moving Time: 10:09
Distance: 58.0 NM
Average: 5.7 knots

We made it! After two days of 10+ hours each on the Atlantic Ocean, we made it safely to New York. Specifically Great Kills, part of the great borough of Staten Island. We arrived, anchored the boat and AJ and I took our inflatable raft to shore to walk the dog. Where we were met by I**** (name redacted). A fine police man from the great state of New York who wanted to help us get our dinghy tied to the dock, politely inquired as to AJ’s age (11) and then pulled me to the side to inform me that children under 12 were required to wear a life vest at all times in the water and everyone on a water craft (inflatable boat included) was required to have a flotation device on the boat. Obviously I was going to have to get a ticket. Perhaps two.

Welcome to New York.

After 30 minutes, AJ and I escaped with a ticket, a URL to access to pay said ticket and a inflatable raft full of life vests.

Back to the day:

IMG_2287I mentioned yesterday that every day there is something new that comes along that needs to be addressed. Little things, like water filling the boat, water heater not working, cat running down the dock (and then coming back, which is the real issue). And since we are only just over a week into this thing, every single time we do something it is for the first time and therefore, exciting!

Today was our windlass. The windlass is a nice winch whose sole purpose is to bring the anchor down and up. Up being the key part, since Jan is up front and that thing can get buried in mud and be difficult to bring up. This morning we woke up bright and early (0500)* got all of our ‘get out of dodge’ chores done by 0615 and brought up the anchor. Too far apparently for it got stuck and wouldn’t operate. Now stuck with the anchor up is not a tragedy, but at some point (like tonight) we were going to have to put the darn thing down so time to troubleshoot would be as we were puttering out towards the ocean.

Jan and I have had a ‘friendly’ disagreement on the subject of manuals for equipment on the boat. The previous owner, Dan, did a great job of keeping all the manuals for the systems on the boat and they fit in a large tupperware container. Jan has an innate aversion to clutter and mess, almost as strong as her phobia of snakes, so a big box of paper is tough to swallow. We ended up keeping the manuals but put them in some expandable folders under the table. Which I fished through today, found the windlass manual, ready the simple instruction and in 10 minutes we had a working windlass. Score one for the hoarders!

Our plan was to head north around the remaining coast of New Jersey and turn left around Sandy Hook and to Great Kills Bay where we would anchor for the night. That would set us up to transit New York Harbor and the Hudson river on a more favorable tide, and ride it up to just shy of West Point where we hope to setup for a week or so and explore the area.

IMG_3352The Atlantic was good for another day. 1-2 foot waves behind us and not much wind, so we motored with our main sail up, but not proving much push. It was a pretty comfortable ride and we spent the day killing flies who invaded our boat. The New York City skyline began to appear on the horizon in the early afternoon and as we turned West at the top of Sandy Hook, the wind died and the water turned smooth as class. We hung out on the front deck watching the world go by as we puttered along to our next stop.

So we arrived at Great Kills at about 4:15, anchored in a bay filled with mooring balls and had our run in with “The Man.” We then went back to the boat and celebrated our two days on the Atlantic Ocean and successfully traversing around the great state of New Jersey.

Tomorrow? New York City!

*Authors note: I naively thought that we would be on a year long ‘vacation’ and that wakey wakey time would be later. Much, much later. But it seems that in order to catch favorable conditions, tides, currents, anything, you have to wake up before the sun comes up!