Start: Warton Creek, MD
End: Chesapeake City, MD
Moving Time: 6:04
Distance: 26.9 Nautical Miles

day 3 recapSo we woke up in the morning in Warton Creek, MD, back in the 50s. I took the Luckers out to the dinghy dock for his morning run. Fantastic day. Cool and dry. We ran for about 45 minutes and we are back in the land of the ‘wave.’ Driving around the back roads of Wisconsin when growing up, I learned that you waved to people that you passed on the country roads. Not a big wave, but just put up a couple of fingers up on the hand on the steering wheel to acknowledge the person that you most certainly know on the road. Because if you don’t, someone will come back and ask you what is wrong… So Lucky and I were running on country roads this morning and every car that passed us gave us the wave. Event though we are only two hours by car away from our old home in a suburb of Baltimore/Washington DC, we are a world away. People seem to be a bit more on the ‘friendly’ side instead of ‘run you down on the road like a dog.’

We get back to the boat and Jan is waiting with coffee already made! She is making up for sleeping in yesterday at Weems creek. In her words “I’m NOT the weak link today!” So we get out by 0830. Wind was forecasted to be out of the North, which wasn’t going to help our trip to the North east, but we put up the sails. Optimists. But we kept the engines going the entire day because the sails were mostly decoration.

We had the bay mostly to ourselves. We saw two sailboats, three powerboats and two big a$$ed tugs. One of the tug Captains was a huge help. We were puttering along at our 4.5 knots when we hear “Sailing vessel catamaran north bound on the south side of the channel from Baltimore to C/D canal this is big a$$ed tug.” I looked around and realized that was me, so we replied, we switched to alternate channel and he told us there were a bunch of logs in the channel and we would see them off our port bow shortly. And soon enough, we were dodging pieces of big trees. Awesome help from the captain who could have run us down and not felt a bump.

AJ and Jan went back to day two of home school and it is really going ‘well.’ I’ll leave it there.

Our goal was to make it to Chesapeake City and go to the City Dock for some free dockage before going the rest of the way down the C&D canal. We made it by 2ish but when we tried to get to the free dock, the water level was outside our comfort zone. Like too shallow. But we saw Sean, the enterprising entrepreneur running down the dock of the Chesapeake Inn/Marina and he took us in. Not free, but we all got showers, power for our electronics and half price pizzas.

Lucky was so enthused by the new place that he got free from the boat not once, nor twice, but three times. Ran all over the restaurant and marina checking out the new place. He is now on lockdown.

My old boss Pat and his wife Colleen came to visit us on the boat winning the award as the first guest on the loop to visit the boat. And then dinner, and “The Voice” for Jan. Tomorrow is an early day. We want to be on the way down the canal between 0600 and 0700 in order to get the favorable flow. Plan tomorrow is to make it to Delaware City and wait a good push down to Cape May, NJ.