After months of planning, weeks of stress and days of anxiety, we begin. The forecast is for winds in the 20 knot range with gusts to 25. But decreasing as the morning goes on, so we decide to leave later. When we wake up, it is gorgeous. Flat sea, slight breeze, sunny. But by 0900, clouds roll in and the wind picks up. It is a ‘fresh’ breeze. I take Lucky for a run and we all hit the showers for our last real shower for a couple of days, then we prep the boat. We take down the bumpers, bring in the power cord, release the lines, top off the water and finally we shove off. About 1250. We go all of a quarter mile to the gas station to fill up. I think I was hearing things–when I heard the gas getting full, I stopped and turned in the fuel hose and we got seven gallons of fuel for 15 hours of gas use. Whopping half gallon an hour for two engines. Of course, it was mostly slow use, but still. Then to the poo dock to pump out the week of, you know, stuff. And then we are off. This is going to be GREAT!
on the road with chez     We putter out into Herring bay and decide that based on the forecast we want to put a reef in the sail. We forget that we want to do that BEFORE we put the sail up and we remember it AFTER we have put the sail up. Now we are trying to wrestle this monster down. Or rather, Jan is trying to wrestle the monster down. I’m providing moral support from the wheel. The wind was close to 20 knots and the sail was pushing Jan over close to the edge of the boat and into the drink. It was high excitement up there. After 40 minutes (or more) of puttering around in circles, we decide enough is enough and motoring sounds fine and we drop the sail and head north with the Iron Genny pushing us. Eventually we put out the real Genoa and motor sail making pretty good speed (for a sailboat).
weems creek     We arrive at Weems Creek at 6ish. We like the creek because the Navy has some morning balls for their fleet of boats in case of a hurricane. But if it isn’t a hurricane, it is first come, first serve and you can stay in Annapolis for free. And I like free. Plus it is close to the Mexican cafe which has terrible food but fantastic Margaritas!!
We pickup the mooring ball, get the dog to shore and then head off to the Mexican cafe for those great Margaritas. We are joined by the Mish’s for our no kidding, last time saying good bye. And we mean it this time. We really are leaving. Because we have said goodbye about 20 times up to now. And then we head back to the boat for some much needed sleep.

Herrington Harbor North to Annapolis Maryland
20.5 NM
4.5 hours of actual moving between the two places plus two hours of screwing around!