Start: Weems Creek, Annapolis, MD
End: Warton Creek, someplace on the eastern shore of the Northern Chesapeake bay. And sometime in the 50s…
Moving Time: 8:44
Distance: 39.8 Nautical Miles.

First day of homeschool!!

Water in the starboard side bilge again. Day 2.


Lucky and I woke up at 7am and hit the streets of Annapolis for a run around the Navy Stadium. Back to the boat and woke up Jan at 8am. She was sleeping in apparently. And demanding coffee. After coffee she cleaned the dinghy (too dirty and needed cleaning NOW!) and then we awoke Mr. Cranky and by the time we got done squirreling around it was after 10am. The plan was to put in a long day to get through areas of the bay we have already explored to get to places we haven’t seen. So our stop today is Warton Creek. About 30-35 miles north east of Annapolis. As the crow flies. Not as our boat goes.

AJ Chesapeake bridgeThe forecast is fantastic. Winds from the NW from 10-13 knots with gusts to 20. We fire up the engines, cruise onto the Severn river and then turn and put up the sails just outside the Naval Academy. And they go up with the reef in just as they should have (and just as they did NOT do yesterday). We were ecstatic, until another catamaran blew our doors off–their mainsail wasn’t reefed. That would not do–so we turned and shook out our reef, which sounds easy, but took us about a half hour all told. So by the time we finally got going, it was close to noon.

Fortunately the wind was good. A bit more from the North than predicted so we had to tack a couple of times, but all in all it was a good day. What was not so good was the first day of homeschool. I was driving the boat and much to busy to look and see what was happening below, but from what I could gather there was some education aj homeschoolhappening between both parties involved in the home schooling. And at various times I had company as one or another of the parties had to come out for some fresh air. This may require some more work.

After eight hours of sailing, we arrived at Warton Creek.

Warton creek is on the Eastern shore of Maryland, on the northern part of the Chesapeake bay. It is a small creek with three marinas lining its eastern banks. It is not very wide, but you can anchor out of the wind and the waves. And you also go back in time about four to five decades. For other than the boats, you would have no idea that you weren’t back in a less stressed and frenetic time. There are very few buildings to see, the creek is quiet and the wildlife is everywhere. We saw a great blue heron this trip and a Bald Eagle last trip.

warton creek amWe anchored, dinghied the dog to shore to the town dock. Then back to the boat for dinner (leftovers from previous two nights). Then dog back to shore. Finally we sit down and plan the trip for the next day.  Next stop.  Chesapeake City.