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May 2017

5/27/17: Rain, Rain Go Away

**Editor’s note:  I’m publishing this four days late.  It was written but I neglected to post.  I have the time because we are sitting at the dock in Waterport for another day waiting out the torrential rain.  We were ready to head through Erie canal lock 2 this morning at 9am when the wind kicked up, the rain poured down and we thought “Nah.  Maybe tomorrow.”  So AJ is doing his homework.  Jan is ‘teaching’ which looks a lot like ‘napping.’  Sid and Lucky are curled up by the heater keeping warm and dry.
Start: Hudson River Museum, Kingston, NY
End: Hop-O-Nose Marina, Catskill, NY
Moving Time: 5:06 hours
Distance: 20.07 NM
Average: 4.8 knots

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5/26-5/29: ‘We be a motor boat*’ and ‘I got a flop sweat going on**’

5/26: Mast goes down

When last we left you, we were sitting in the rain in the Hop-O-Nose marina in Catskill, NY. We awoke on the morning of 25 May to more rain. But slower. And less gloomy. So we got our rears end out onto the deck by 8am and began our prep to unstep (fancy name for remove or take down) our mast. Drop it on the deck. Lay it down. Which we have not done, so this is a fairly large stressed for us. Continue reading “5/26-5/29: ‘We be a motor boat*’ and ‘I got a flop sweat going on**’”

5/23/17: A typical day on the way to Cold Spring NY

Start: Half Moon Bay Marina, Croton on the Hudson, NY.
End: Cold Spring, NY
Moving Time: 4:47 hours (including sitting on our hands waiting for fuel for 30 minutes
Distance: 17.08 NM
Average: 3.57knots

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5/22/17: Education day on the Great Loop (Culinary Institute of America and West Point)

Tickets to tour Culinary Institute of America: $6 each
CIA “The Young Chef Cookbook”: $23 from the gift store
AJ making us sautéed strip dinner tonight: Priceless

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5/21/17: NYC part deux

The plan for the day is another trip to NYC. On the agenda is the Brooklyn Bridge, more pizza and return. Lucky and I head out early for the morning run and he gets some good squirrel chasing in–there are a TON of the fluffy tailed rodents and Lucky did his best–his effort was not lacking and I’m pretty sure he is going to sleep the rest of the day away.

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5/20/17: Croton Gorge, Laundry, bagels and sushi

Lucky is nothing if not consistent. 6am he gets restless and 6:15 the yawning/whining commences as he tries to rouse me to take him for a run. Which I have learned to ignore. Today he enlisted the help of Sid (yes, he is still alive) who jumped up into our bed and began meowing and licking. Apparently his food bowl was empty and we could either fill it for him, or he would tenderize my arm and eat that for breakfast. My call.

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5/19/17: It smells like crap in here! We are heading to New York City!

We awake on a lovely, hot, humid Friday morning. Lucky and I head out on a run to find the train station and the best way to get there. It is 1.4 miles along a scenic trail and 1.3 miles through town which isn’t so much scenic.

We get back and wakey Jan and AJ. Our plan for the day is to head to NYC on the train and head to Vezzio pizza for some thing crust pizza, then to see the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum.

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5/18/17: Lunch at Liberty

Statue of Liberty that is.

And our weird conversation with the Coast Guard

Start: Great Kills, NY
End: Half Moon Bay Marina, Croton on the Hudson, NY.
Moving Time: 10:01 (including an hour for lunch)
Distance: 48.3 NM
Average: 4.8 knots knots (5.3 if you don’t count the hour for lunch, but I can live with it).

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5/17/17: Welcome to New York! Here’s your ticket!!

Start: Barnegat Inlet, NJ
End: Great Kills, NY
Moving Time: 10:09
Distance: 58.0 NM
Average: 5.7 knots

We made it! After two days of 10+ hours each on the Atlantic Ocean, we made it safely to New York. Specifically Great Kills, part of the great borough of Staten Island. We arrived, anchored the boat and AJ and I took our inflatable raft to shore to walk the dog. Where we were met by I**** (name redacted). A fine police man from the great state of New York who wanted to help us get our dinghy tied to the dock, politely inquired as to AJ’s age (11) and then pulled me to the side to inform me that children under 12 were required to wear a life vest at all times in the water and everyone on a water craft (inflatable boat included) was required to have a flotation device on the boat. Obviously I was going to have to get a ticket. Perhaps two.

Welcome to New York.

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