Editors note:  We are really backlogged on getting information out.  This is a review of activities from 2-9 April.  More to follow…

The focus now is shifting, quite dramatically, from the house to the boat. Our main effort is to get the boat ready for the trip and when we have a chance, or weather doesn’t cooperate, we work on the house. We have had a huge load lifted off of us with the offer on the house and other than a couple of small things that need to be addressed we can now work on our next home.

Monday: Head to the boat after AJ goes to school and first thing we do is put up the genoa. We bought bluetooth headsets (three of them) to help communicate and they are a winner. Jan and I were able to get the sail up and down and get is looking good quickly. While putting up the sails we realized that the time to service the three winches on the boat had past sometime in 2014, and so we knocked out all three. Fixed a broken latch on one of the lockers to stop the leaking into the locker. Jan cleaned the boat from from to back and we took our first (of many) bags of garbage off the boat.

Tuesday: We turn on every system on the big board, and even those that aren’t and make sure everything works.
1. Turn on shore power: GOOD!
2. Loaded water. Check out water systems.
1. Fresh water good. Need to continue to flush out pink water. Water pump working.
2. Shower head good. Switch (replaced in winter) working like a champ.
3. Shower sump pump good.
4. Deck wash working: We remember that the through hulls are turned perpendicular to the line for on (water flow).
5. Back deck shower working
3. Air conditioner working.
4. GENSET turns on but still voltage still fluctuates and we get a reverse polarity light on the circuit breaker. Which we thought was fixed. Will have a different mechanic come take a look at it next week.
5. All lights working with exception of deck light and the stern light (bad bulb).
1. ordered new stern light
6. Cleaned out inside of boat.
7. Took everything off the boat and out of the lockers; got rid of unnecessary items and moved (where applicable) the equipment.
Wednesday: Another gorgeous day. We spent the first couple hours of the morning attaching the reefing lines to the mainsail. If you remember from the past couple of weeks, we had the lines replaced and serviced the cars in the boom. Now we need to attache the red line to the first reef and the blue line to the second reef. Sounds easy. It was a pain. I was at the mast, Jan was down below raising the sail and we pulled, pushed, prodded and cursed until we got them on correctly. And then found out that the red reefing line is short by
Attached single reefing lines. What a pain. And reef 1 is short by three feet, which means we can’t put our main up all the way (or we have to take that reef out). CRAP.

Once we achieved ‘success’ with the reefing lines, we fired up the motors for the first time. They are super quiet and appear to work just fine, though we couldn’t open up during the break in period. We took the boat out and pulled up all the sails. Confirmed what we knew about the reefing line on the main and it appeared we had an issue with the genoa, but turns out it was nothing. We also determined that we would need a new jib sheet and furler line. Over all it was successful–we took the boat out and back without injuring anyone or causing any damage.

When we got back we hijacked a raft and attached our bowsprit line and ordered our new lines.

Thursday: The original plan of the day was to be chaperones for AJ’s field trip. But the trip was cancelled due to thunderstorms. Supposed to be on AJ’s field trip, but it was cancelled due to thunderstorms, and they ran threw at 9am. We had house appraisal at 0930, so got out of the house and ran some errands. Picked up clothes that were altered, returned some equipment we didn’t use on the boat and hit target for cleaning supplies for the boat. Then we went to lunch and decided since it was raining, that we would go see a movie (Logan). Enthusiastic thumbs up from Jim, and equally fervent thumbs down from Jan.

Cold and cloudy before a stretch of sunny days. We have to have the animals at the vet by 1230 for a second round of checkups, so we leave early for the boat with our first load of stuff to put on the boat. We are starting the provisioning. Jan picked up our new lines from West Marine. While we were on loading the boat, there was a platoon of people from Schumann cleaning and waxing the topside. We departed to take the animals to the vet, then back to the boat with a television to install. We got it placed, but need two bolts to attach (it came with drywall screws that aren’t going to work in this application). Something to get to the rest of the week.

Saturday/Sunday: I am in a marine electronics class for four days at Annapolis school of seamanship. AJ is on spring break, so nothing to do for him. Jan is running the show at the house/boat. In December, this seemed like a good time for the class, but this month it seems to be a bit close to leaving! But after two days of class, it is really valuable. First two days are mixture of lecture and hand on and going through all the systems (predominantly the 12V DC side) on the boat and troubleshooting systems. Second two days are mostly hands on troubleshooting of system. The intent was to gain more confidence in the electrical systems before we take off for a year on the boat. Instead I have an uncomfortable feeling of dread that we are missing something!! Ordered a whole bunch of tools and repair items and the list of things to do during our shakedown cruise got a bit longer!