We are opening up our boat to everyone in the local area who are interested in taking a look at where we will be living for the next year.  Saturday, April 22nd from 12-4pm.  The boat is located at Herrington Harbor North in Deale MD.  The address is 389 Deale Road
Tracey’s Landing, Maryland 20779

When you turn in the entrance of the marina, follow the paved road all the way to the marina office.  You will see the rows marked on signed.  We are at Dock G which is close to the marina office.

The boat is at the end (T-head) of Dock G.  Walk all the way to the end of the dock and our boat will be the last thing you get to before you fall into the water

Apologize for the long time between posts, but we have been prepping for and now are out on our shakedown cruse.  Matter of fact, Im’ writing this as we move through the water from Herrington Harbor North to St Michaels.  Loving hot spots!!!