This week was a whopper and filled with a bit of stress for all involved because some of the major muscle movements came to pass this week and this thing just got real!!!

What happened (and what we got done).

Sunday: We broke the news to AJ that we are selling the house and not renting the house as previously discussed. There was some drama. This will be written up in our POTY 2017 nomination separately.

Monday: AJ got his permanent retainer installed in his teeth which apparently will keep his teeth from sticking out the side of his head for the year we are on the trip. Also on Monday, the photographer for the house came over to take pictures and post on line for house selling.

Tuesday: Out on the boat early and primed the bottom. Then back in the afternoon for the going away dinner (Fuji’s of course) for Susanne; her last night with us before she goes on her three week travel to the west coast. And Tuesday night our house went live for sale.

Wednesday: Dropped Susanne at the airport. My phone started ringing at 0800 and we had 10 showings of our house on the first full day it was on the market. We were out of our house for the entire day. Mish’s got stuck with Donnelly animals.

Thursday: Had eight showings of our house. Went to see the movie “Hidden Figures” which was AWESOME!

Denaming ceremony; sacrificing 

Friday: Accepted an offer on our house and it was off the market!! Closing date is 3 May which is perfect for our trip. After we finished the paperwork, we headed to the boat yard and put the first coat of paint on the boat and had our de-naming ceremony.


Saturday: Went back out for second coat of paint on the boat. Put the new name on the boat. Fixed the gel-coat dings. Jan finally got the flu from me (you are welcome) so she went home to rest while AJ and I went to Virginia to visit the Fagos. Steak/Potatoes, fire pit, capture the flag ensued. Breakfast was bacon, eggs and ‘veggies.’ Veggies being defined as pumpkin for AJ (pumpkin pie) and wheat for me (cookies!!).

Sunday: Retouched the paint, put a new stripe on the boat and came back home to rest. The line for the bow sprit was seven inches short. Seven inches which means we need new line. Which means yet another trip to West Marine. The boat is officially ready to get into the water next week.

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To recap we really moved forward on some major muscle movements. In just 13 days we went from deciding to sell the house, to finding a realator, to prepping house to get on market, to showing, accepting an offer with a closing date that fits our departure timeline. The major projects we needed to get done on the boat while it was on the hard were complete (some on the last day, naturally), and though we are missing a boom and sails, we certainly have enough to do once it gets in the water to keep us busy. And oh by the way, we need to pack up this house!

Focus next week is on the house and getting all our stuff ready for a garage sale on Saturday 1 April. Packing boxes. We are going to work on the boom on Monday with Steve and the new owners will be in the house on Wednesday for the home inspection.