The second week of work had a similar theme. Why, if we are retired, are we working this hard. The focus of this week was on the house since winter, which had been AWOL up to last week, decided to make an appearance. We got a couple inches of snow on Tuesday which was enough to get AJ out of school.

What we got done:

  1. Turned in, picked up and installed new life lines on boat. No pretty white cover this time…
  2. Appointments:
    a. Dog and Cat to vet to get five shots each. They slept really well that day. Lucky got a clean bill of health. Sid, it turns out is old.b. AJ got a checkup and a couple of shots (three to be exact). The nurse checked AJ’s hearing and it turns out that he can hear just fine–he just ignores us.

    c. AJ also had a quick ortho appointment to get spacers put in his teeth in preparation for a more permanent installation this week.

  3. Boom work. Removed boom off of boat and took to Steve at Eastern Marine Rigging. He began the work of fixing our reefing lines, but ran into a stop when we had to get new wheels for the metal cars.
  4. Got the house ready.
    a. Jan ‘touched up’ the paint in the house and by ‘touched up’ she basically repainted the entire house.

    b. Carpets cleaned by Mr. Steemer

    c. Power washed the snot out of everything outside.

    d. Trimmed bushes, mulched, and landscaped.

    e. Signed for storage facility and move four whole boxes!

    f. Found realator, signed all paperwork and house has a ‘for sale’ sign out front.

    g. Cleaned the house from top to bottom.

    f. Fixed our dryer which broke a DAY BEFORE WE PUT THE HOUSE ON THE MARKET!!

  5. AJ finished placement test for home school.

Next week: Weather looks like we have a good four day window to get some painting in on the boat. So the lineup looks like:
1. Prime and paint boat
2. Wax boat (schumanns)
3. Finish boom (assuming part arrive)
4. Photos for house.
5. Fago weekend.
6. Susanne’s last work day
7. Get place for mail to go to!