We continue on the two steps forward, one step back. Project of the day on 16 March was fixing the reefing lines in the boom. We have a single line reefing system on our boat which allows you to reef the sails from the cockpit of the boat instead of moving forward to reduce the sail size when the wind is a blowing. It uses metal cars (with little wheels!) to manage/adjust the lines in the mast. It is super cool if it works, but hasn’t quite worked as advertised–our second reefing line was stuck and not amount of grunting or winching could get it to move. So last week we had Steve from East Coast Marine Rigging come walk us through the rigging and we mentioned our problem. He said he could fix that and as an added bonus, would take us on as apprentices to ‘help’ him fix the mast.

Thursday was cold and windy. Snow and ice covered the deck of the boat which made it a fantastic time to be taking the boom off the mast. Jan and I got it mostly done by the time Steve arrived and it only took a couple of minutes to get it down from the boat, onto Steve’s truck and to his shop for work.

We (and from now on when I use ‘we’ you can substitute in ‘Steve with Jim and Jan watching and asking inane questions’) pulled off the end cap of the boom and began pulling out all the lines/hardware from the boom. There was a lot and it appeared to the untrained eye to be a mess. Our problem reef had a line that was just plain stuck–it would not go into the boom. The out haul and two reefing lines were all tangled together. And out of the eight plastic wheels we needed for the two cars, we had four actually on the two cars; found two more bouncing around inside the boom and two were just gone.

Steve replaced the outhaul line, so there was some success, but we were stuck until we could get replacement wheels. So we will reengage next week! Hopefully we will get this back together and back on the boat!