As of 12 March, our first week of underemployment is done, as is our first week of dedicated preparation for our trip. And holy cats was it an a$$ kicker. The photo shows the cumulative results of working outside on the boat for most of the week. We call it “Watching TV.” Or napping.

All in all it was productive. What was done or at least moved along :

  1. new enginesNew engines installed. On Wednesday the installers from Fawcett Marine showed up with our two brand new engines. They are hung on the boat but there is still a bit more work that needs to be done like installation of the tilt switches (NO MORE ROPES!), installation of the ignition switches, connecting the throttle and clutch cables on the starboard engine and test out to make sure all functional. But definitely good progress!
  2. Bottom patched, sanded and ready for painting. See post earlier about manual labor. Now we need some nice days to get primer and paint on boat, but forecast looks grim for the next week or so (5 inches of snow forecasted for tomorrow!)/
  3. Scuzzy stripes off side of boat as well as old letters and name. Each stripe was two inches wide and 36(ish) feet long). Four total. Took FOREVER. We finally discovered damn stripesthe 3M eraser wheel which made the process go faster, but it still took an amazing number of man/woman hours to get all of that off the boat.
  4. Walk through of rigging with Steve from East Coast Marine Rigging. He helped us understand the steps we would need to do to unstep the mast, servicing of the rigging and talked us through problems we had with our reefing system. Which will lead to more work this week when we remove the boom to replace both reefing lines, the outhaul line and figure out what is wrong with one of the reefing cars.
  5. Walk through of new chart plotter, AIS and wifi extender and router with Ryan from Marine Technical Services. We now have a mobile hotspot on the water! And can see all the ships/barges on the water before we get run over!
  6. Removed life lines; will turn into West Marine for fabrication of new/replacement life lines. Old ones were not looking great.
  7. Installed fold down mid ship cleats to use when we hit the thousands of locks that we will have to navigate on the Great Loop.
  8. Friday it snowed (three snowflakes) so we transistioned to the house and decluttered the house. Which means began throwing a whole bunch of stuff out.
  9. Ordered and received all the painting supplies for bottom paining as well as a new Rocna Anchor.

Next Week: For the first time all winter the forecast is for cold and snow. In March. About time. But that does put a slight crimp on our boat plans for the week. So the focus will be on the house.

  1. Tear down boom and replace reefing lines
  2. Meet with Realtor to see about selling house. We are leaning to selling vice renting, but haven’t told AJ yet, so don’t spill the beans.
  3. Maintenance tasks that have been relegated to ‘later’ for the past four years.
  4. Find storage.
  5. Begin packing boxes.
  6. AJ has to finish assessment test for home school.
  7. Replace lifelines.