Donnelly Great Loop Adventure 2017

SV Serenity


March 2017

Boaters Attitude

Boaters, and maybe it is just sailboaters, seem to have a more laid back attitude than say, the military. Or a hospital. Which causes us some stress when we expect things to run like a military operation. Continue reading “Boaters Attitude”

Week Three of Preparation

This week was a whopper and filled with a bit of stress for all involved because some of the major muscle movements came to pass this week and this thing just got real!!! Continue reading “Week Three of Preparation”

Blew up the BOOM!

We continue on the two steps forward, one step back. Continue reading “Blew up the BOOM!”

Second week of Prep complete

The second week of work had a similar theme. Why, if we are retired, are we working this hard. The focus of this week was on the house since winter, which had been AWOL up to last week, decided to make an appearance. We got a couple inches of snow on Tuesday which was enough to get AJ out of school.

What we got done: Continue reading “Second week of Prep complete”

First Week of Work Complete

As of 12 March, our first week of underemployment is done, as is our first week of dedicated preparation for our trip. And holy cats was it an a$$ kicker. The photo shows the cumulative results of working outside on the boat for most of the week. We call it “Watching TV.” Or napping. click to wake Jan up

This is supposed to be FUN?!?!

If I’m being honest with myself (and to be frank, I try not to EVER be honest with myself), the last time I did a full day of manual labor that I can clearly remember was definitely the 1980s when I worked on Big Jerry’s farm. I probably had some days early in the Army career in the 1990s. There were a couple of tough days in the 2000s when I was in Iraq but I try not to dwell on those times. But the last couple of years my job has been driving a desk with some periods (like an hour a day MAX) of physical fitness. Continue reading “This is supposed to be FUN?!?!”

The First Milestone (We quit working)

We closed out the first week of March with our collective first milestone complete. Both Jan and I had our final days of work. Jan was done on Tuesday and I finished today (Friday). Some random thoughts. Continue reading “The First Milestone (We quit working)”

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