Keen observers have noticed that we have very little mention of our cat as we prepare for our adventure. We do have a cat, or rather, we have had a cat who decided to grace us with his presence over the past 17+ years. Sid. The wonder cat.

We got him from the animal shelter when he was just under a year old. He was loud and we thought it was cute. Like he was talking to us and wouldn’t it be fun to bring him into our small apartment so he could talk to us all the time? Like when he is most active. From 1-6am. It would be GREAT! He was also fairly wild and couldn’t meet another cat without throwing down! Which led to multiple surgeries over the year to repair torn, poked or ripped parts of his body, because while the spirit was willing, sometimes his flesh was a bit weak. He is a killer of mice, rabbits and one epic day, he almost took on a turkey. Until he realized the size of the bird and ran back inside. He has moved with us multiple times to multiple states and countries.

So why isn’t his name on our boat card? Why don’t we have him on our blog (until now). Simple answer is we didn’t think he would make it this long! About a year ago, Sid stopped grooming himself. He threw up constantly. He lost weight. He scared the small children in the neighborhood. He looked like crap. We prepared ourselves for the worst. For two to three months it looked bad. And then a switch flipped in his head and he was back! He started grooming himself, he ate more food, he rejoined the living. And this was right around the time we were talking about leaving for the Great Loop. So our thought is that he was getting ready to head to the great kitty-litter box in the sky, heard our plans and said “I’m IN! You bastards aren’t leaving me out of this!!”

Now we have a dilemma. Our plans, to this point, have not included the cat. We have reached out to our family and our close friends (all two of them) about taking Sid, and they all have said that while they would LOVE to take Lucky for the year, they couldn’t possibly take the cat. I don’t think that he can stay as part of the house rental, unless there are some REALLY nice renters out there. So either we drive him out to the country and drop him off on a back road or we have to take him on the trip. He is watching me type this and I know that he knows what I’m thinking, so on the boat it is going to be. Kitty litter box goes in AJ’s room.