We have been keeping a running list of things we need to do to get ready to head out on the trip.  They range from a (large) number of activities centered around boat prep, to giving notice for jobs, finding home schooling options and shutting down our home here in (scenic) Maryland.  Posted here to get some idea of what that looks like.  I’m sure we are missing something and we add constantly.  This list is the reason we are stopping work two months prior to departure!

  1. Sell Beneteau; buy a boat we can live on for a year+ together.  Ended up with a PDQ36 sailing catamaran
  2. Replace engines
  3. Buy Dinghy/Motor (9 foot fiberglass RIB)
  4. Sand bottom
  5. Paint Bottom
  6. Wax Boat
  7. Recession salon
  8. Replace chart plotter
  9. Add AIS transciever
  10. Fix clear on canvas
  11. Fix zippers on canvas
  12. Service/Repair sails
  13. clean canvas
  14. Install water filter
  15. Install wifi extender
  16. Install wireless router
  17. Replace various lines
  18. Replace various block
  19. Service winches
  20. Replace aged/rusted shackles
  21. Checkout gas cylinders/lines to boat.  Replace as necessary
  22. Replace lights with LEDs
  23. Reseal salon glass
  24. Fix shower circuit
  25. Service generator
  26. Shake down cruise over spring break
  27. Order letters for new boat name; take off old and replace
  28. Rename ceremony
  29. Replace batteries
  30. Equipment
    1. Microwave
    1. Toaster oven
    2. Larger gas grill
    3. First aid kit
    4. flares/safety
    5. Fire extinguisher (x2)
    6. Rocha Anchor (replace one)
    7. Anchor bridle
    8. Dinghy Lock
    9. Motor Lock
    10. 15 – 30 amp connector
    11. Courtesy flag holder
    12. VHF antenna (for when mast is down)
    13. Additional life vests (x2) for visitors
    14. Spares for everything
    15. Tools
Communication by internet
  1.  Setup blog site (wordpress)
  2. Setup facebook page
  3. Setup instagram account (thanks Jen!)
  4. Setup boat email page
  5. Buy hotspot (Verizon)
  6. Buy additional iPad (for sailing apps, not AJ’s games)
  7. Buy additional computer (home school)
  1. Hire captain for on boat training (done—day of motor and sailing)
  2. Outboard Motor Class (Annapolis school of seamanship)
  3. Electronics Class (Annapolis school of seamanship)
  4. AGLCA spring rendezvous
Home school
  1. Find home school program
  2. Administer placement tests/send to school
  3. Fill out paperwork to pull out of school (NLT launch -30)
  4. Find out type of automation support required on trip (i.e. scanner?  Printer?)
  1. Find rental agency
  2. Walk through house
  3. Put on market (Mid March)
  4. Find property management company
  5. Secure storage facility
  6. Yard sale (1 April)
  7. Schedule movers/truck for end of April
  8. Sell unneeded furniture
  9. Stop cable (YES!) in Jan
  10. Stop yard service and house services (Jan)
  11. Sell cars; cancel insurance
  12. Sell motorcycle; without two wheels for the first time in 25 years…
  13. Mail forwarding or send to dad
  1. FCC paperwork for AIS
  2. Documentation (copies) for boat
  3. MD sticker for FY17
  4. Registration letters for dinghy and copies of registration on boat.
  5. AJ passport renewed (Jan)
  6. Copy passports; bring all on boat
  7. Copy drivers license
  8. Check on seeing requirements for Canada, Bahamas, Cuba, Virgin Islands (what the hell!)
  9. Medical and Dental Insurance cards
  10. Insurance card
  11. Boat USA tow card
  12. Copy of prescriptions (glasses/contacts)
  13. Boat cards
  1.  Physicals
  2. Dentist: Final cleaning
  3. AJ braces out
  4. Switch dental insurance
  5. Setup recurring medical payments
  6. Get extra glasses
  1. Give notice for jobs
  2. Adjust tax withholding/allotments
  3. Setup autopay of bills
  4. Look for opportunity for scuba class
  5. Drone for trip?