Donnelly Great Loop Adventure 2017

SV Serenity

Weather and a perfect sailing day (3/19/18)

So what makes a perfect sailing day?  We find one on the way to Hatchet Bay. Continue reading “Weather and a perfect sailing day (3/19/18)”

Governor’s Harbor. Show me the money! (3/18/18)

Rock Sound was great; next stop:  Governor’s Harbor! Continue reading “Governor’s Harbor. Show me the money! (3/18/18)”

We eat some crow. Rock Sound Harbor Rocks. Thanks Rose! (3/17/18)

My snarky comment about Rock Sound yesterday was something along the lines of ‘rustic beauty, without the rustic.’ We were wrong. It is awesome and it is, as always, people who make it so.

Continue reading “We eat some crow. Rock Sound Harbor Rocks. Thanks Rose! (3/17/18)”

Good bye Exumas, hello Eleuthera (3/16/18)

Today is officially our last day in the Exumas. For this trip anyway. We have a 40 mile crossing of the big, bad Atlantic to get to our Eleuthera. Our next stop on the trip. Continue reading “Good bye Exumas, hello Eleuthera (3/16/18)”

We travel 23 miles to progress 3 miles. And it rocked! (3/15/18)

Back on the water again and we have one final day in the Exumas before heading out to Eleuthera. Our plan? Thunderball Grotto! Continue reading “We travel 23 miles to progress 3 miles. And it rocked! (3/15/18)”

Leaving Georgetown (3/14/18)

We are just over two months in the Bahamas and one month on our visa to go. We are coming up on our fourth week in Elizabeth Harbor and have just said good bye to our second visitor (happy trails Grandpa Chuck!). We are want to see Eleuthera and the Abacos. And it appears that today is a good day to travel. So buh-bye Georgetown.

Continue reading “Leaving Georgetown (3/14/18)”

Georgetown Week 1: (2/17/18-2/24/18)

We arrive at Georgetown, Bahamas after almost a month in the Bahamas. It is a destination of choice for many cruisers, a significant number of whom appear to be from Canada, who are escaping the winter weather up in the north. It is also a good stopping point for boats heading further south to far off destinations. There are literally hundreds of boats here and a very well defined community with a ton of activities. And, we have heard, kids. Continue reading “Georgetown Week 1: (2/17/18-2/24/18)”

Farmers Cay for a night. Rudder Cay. (2/14 – 2/15/18)

We leave Black Point after a week and begin the last leg of our trip south to Georgetown; our farthest point south of the journey unless AJ tells us we can continue on for another year. We plan on a day to Farmer’s Cay, then out into the Exuma Sound and a long day to Georgetown. Continue reading “Farmers Cay for a night. Rudder Cay. (2/14 – 2/15/18)”

Black Point Settlement (Great Guana Cay) (2/8/18-2/14/18)

Black Point. Where we came for a day, and ended up spending a week! It was a fantastic town with really friendly people who appear to really like the cruising community that sits in their bay. Continue reading “Black Point Settlement (Great Guana Cay) (2/8/18-2/14/18)”

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